Transparent Image Watermark

Automatically watermark images as they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library.

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OVM Picture Organizer

Bildnachweise im Impressum einfach verwalten und anzeigen – Abmahnungen vermeiden – Never written warnings because…

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WP-Force Images Download

A simple plugin that force the download of images or pictures such as jpeg,png etc.

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Bulk Watermark

Adds an image and/or text watermark to all uploaded images, using PNG images with transparency.

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Easy Gallery Slider

Responsive slider uses the images attached to a post or page. Simple to customize and…

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Embed JonDesign's SmoothGallery into your posts and pages.

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NextGEN TinyMce Description

NextGEN TinyMce Description add native tinymce to nextgen gallery picture description.

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T&P Gallery Slider

T&P Gallery Slider for WordPress is an image hover/click gallery as a WordPress plugin.

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SEO Images Reloaded

SEO Images Reloaded automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images to increase…

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Live Countdown Timer

Wordpress Widget that will enable you to show a beautiful live countdown timer for an…

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heiv gallery 3

The Wordpress plugin "Heiv Gallery 3" embeds pictures and albums from an installation of Gallery3…

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Photographers galleries

Enhance your galleries with HTML5 responsive figure and present them with a lightweight CSS3 carousel…

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A Page Flip Book

NEW RELEASE : Page Flip Book for WordPress is the easiest way to manage virtual…

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My Pictures Widget

This easy to use Widget shows your Twitpic or Mobypicture pictures and is very easy…

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Create an Image-Gallery in 5 simple Steps. Just add the shortcode to your posts.

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Publish thousands of pictures in WordPress, in minutes.

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IS Circular Photo Gallery

Circle style picture gallery with Lightbox popups. Uses images from either the Wordpress Media Library…

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Free images pictures

Search Free images and pictures from various sources – Flickr, Pixabay and Wikimedia. Place free…

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