LibraFire PinPoints

LF PinPoints is a simple drag and drop image mapping plugin with a caption functionality.

LibraFire 10+ 활성 설치 4.5.30(와)과 시험됨 7년 전에 업데이트됨

Loyalty Reward Points for HubSpot

Free WooCommerce Loyalty Reward Points for HubSpot connector to reward customers and grow sales.

MakeWebBetter 10보다 적음 활성 설치 6.1.4(와)과 시험됨 11개월 전에 업데이트됨

Connect BadgeOS to Discord

Create a community of your Members by connecting your BadgeOS Website to your Discord server.

ExpressTech Softwares Solutions Pvt Ltd 10보다 적음 활성 설치 6.3.2(와)과 시험됨 3개월 전에 업데이트됨

Poket Rewards for WooCommerce

Poket Rewards Plugin is an all-in-one loyalty program management plugin for WooCommerce store.

POKET 10보다 적음 활성 설치 6.0.6(와)과 시험됨 1년 전에 업데이트됨