Provides useful and interesting statistics about your WordPress website.

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BE Stats

Keeps track of your most popular posts for display in site

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ThePath Tabbed Widget Plugin

Creates a tabbed area for RECENT, POPULAR and FEATURED posts. Saves space and doesnt bombard…

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StatCounter Popular Posts

Displays Popular Posts From StatCounter stats as a widget. Only you have to do is…

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Recent Popular Tags

Display the most popular recently used blog post tags on your website. Valuable for website…

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Sup Post Widget

Is a plugin where you can display the number of popular posts, latest and random…

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amtyThumb posts

All-In-One. It shows Recently written, Recently viewed, Random, Mostly & Rarely Viewd, Mostly Commented posts…

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Popular This Week

Provides a widget that shows the most popular posts in the last week.

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Popularity Lists Widget

Popularity Lists Widget is a wordPress widget, Operates by using "Popularity Contest" Plugin. And, a…

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Popular Authors

Show a list of the popular authors using the widget or shortcode. A Top 10…

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WP Author Ranking

WP Author Ranking the wordpress plugin provides ranking of the popular blog authors. Results are…

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Popular post

Get popular posts easily using orderby in your query string with 'popularity' argument.

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Top Categories

Display your top x categories by post where x is the number of categories you…

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Famous Quotes

A widget that displays a random famous quote in the sidebar.

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Post Ranking View

This plugin counts the number of visitors to each post and generates a ranking of…

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Easy Popular Posts Widget

By using this plugin you able to show most popular posts as a widget on…

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