Kayo-co WP Plugin

This is a plugin for WordPress for kayo-co, a service operated by CROCO Inc.

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Awesome YouTube Embed

Hide Annoying YouTube suggested, recommended, related videos

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Quick related post

Easy display Related Post under post by tags and category

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Shadow Terms

Use terms from generated taxonomies to associate related content.

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The Related Posts

Add related posts after content automatically, related posts by tags, full customize, easy to use.

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An sexy way to show a related post of one specific tag.

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Query Inside Post

Displays a custom list of posts to the current one.

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Related Post

A simple plugin allows you display related posts of post you are viewing

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Related King Pro

Drive your visitors to related posts via matching tags and keep them on site

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Show articles by keyword

This plugin adds a shortcode so you can show related articles based on a keyword…

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Related tags

Add related tags list(link list, text list, or cloud-style list) on the tag page, based…

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Really Simple Related Posts Plugin

Really Simple Related Posts Plugin – plugin for displaying related posts using shorcodes with your…

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Related Posts by CurateWP

Keep visitors engaged on your blog by highlighting relevant content of each published post.

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Taxonomy Pages

This plugin is an add-on for the Related Posts by Taxonomy plugin by author keesiemeijer.…

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Hide Related Posts

Just install and activate the plugin to hide related posts.

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Blocksolid Gather

Related Posts functionality with a custom post type, shortcode and optional Gutenberg block.

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