Easy Filtering

Filter posts and custom posts by terms for a selected taxonomy

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Gestione pagina non trovata, effettua una ricerca cercando termini relativi alla pagina assente

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Network Database Search

Powerful multisite database search for WordPress administrators. Search posts, custom fields, menus, media, options, and…

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i-Search – Advanced Live Search

Live search suggestions for all post types. Search everywhere, include almost everything in the search.…

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Smart Search URL Auto Correct

Reduce 404 errors by correcting typos, simplifying words, and compering them to a list of…

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Easy Search

Zero configuration search block for the Gutenberg Editor.

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Search Autocomplete by Dotcomjungle

A customizable search widget that autocompletes the titles of products, blog posts, events, or anything…

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My Sites Sort and Filter

Sorts multisite dropdown site list alphabetically and adds a filter-as-you-type search input.

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Search Excel CSV

Inserts a search field bar in WordPress posts, pages and widgets. Your website visitors can…

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Search Box SEO

Improve the live search experience for visitors and customers with a live search box and…

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Archive Pages in Search Lite

Displays archive pages for categories, tag, author, custom post types, custom taxonomies archives when searching…

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