Display icons for your social media profile links.

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Appreplica Social Icons

Appreplica Social Icons lets you add icons for all the popular social networking sites to…

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Social Media Icons Wp

This plugin is used for add social icons and upload your own icon image with…

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Customizer Social Icons

Easily change and modify dozens of Social Media networks the native way – in the…

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Sticky Topbar

Sticky Topbar adds an area to the top of your website and lets you customize…

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WP Social Media Icon

WP Social Media Icon can be used in any theme of wordpress.

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MM Social

Place you social profile at your website's anywhere using shortcode : [MM_SOCIAL_ICON]

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BS Social Icons

Powerful easy, quick and simple social icons integration.

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Altra Side Menu

You can upload your own images for menu icon, set your menu URL, choose weather…

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