Stripe Donation

Simply create donation forms and receive payments through payment gateway.

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WP Simple Pay Lite Manager

User Management with Stripe is possible from within WordPress with WP Simple Pay Lite Manager.

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WP Donate

WP-Donate provides a payment form and recent donor by utilizing Stripe.

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Easy Stripe

Sell anything with Stripe today.

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Stripe Express

Shipping with a variety of standalone Stripe payment widgets and woocommerce addon, including options for…

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Music Store – Stripe Add On

Integrates the Stripe payment gateway with the Music Store for accepting payments with credit and…

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Elementor Stripe Payment

The easiest way to add STRIPE payment functionality to your Elementor-powered website! Drag & Drop…

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Woo Stripe Subscription

Accept Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Alipay, and connect your WooCommerce store to Stripe's Subscription API.

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Simple Goods

Add Simple Goods checkout directly to your WordPress site & blog. This plugin will turn…

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