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Add email newsletter sign up form to WordPress posts, pages, and widgets. Collect data and…

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WP Subscriber Form

Adds Feedburner Subscription Form at the end of post content.

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Wp – Feedburner

Wp-Feedburner is a plugin which deals with everything Feedburner but for now, it will simply…

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Manage subscribers from your site with ease

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Steam Group Viewer

This plugin allows you to show your steam group profile on your website!

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Mini Membership

Get a Mini Membership site to attract more Subscribers.Give your audience Private Content read access…

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Display Users

This plugin provides that allows you to display Users in any custom template, page and…

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Places on all pages (or selected) widget with a form to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Subscribers Count

Subscriber count show up the number of members of your community.

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you configure an embedded subscription button. You can set the button's display options, preview the…

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Leaky Paywall – MailPoet

This plugin allows you to choose which MailPoet list you would like to add a…

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Comment Notice

The main function of this plugin is to display a subscription option on the end…

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WP User Vandalism Protection

Users that are NOT admins (subscribers, ..) are not allowed to modify their own profiles.…

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Feedburner Right Now Stats

Feedburner Right Now Stats is a plugin that will simply add your feedburner subsriber count…

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