Places on all pages (or selected) widget with a form to subscribe to the newsletter.

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WP Subscriber Form

Adds Feedburner Subscription Form at the end of post content.

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Manage subscribers from your site with ease

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Subscribers Count

Subscriber count show up the number of members of your community.

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Feedburner Right Now Stats

Feedburner Right Now Stats is a plugin that will simply add your feedburner subsriber count…

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you configure an embedded subscription button. You can set the button's display options, preview the…

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Comment Notice

The main function of this plugin is to display a subscription option on the end…

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WP User Vandalism Protection

Users that are NOT admins (subscribers, ..) are not allowed to modify their own profiles.…

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th23 Subscribe

Keep your users informed: Offer them to subscribe for notifications via mail upon updates (new…

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Awesome Newsletter

Awesome Newsletter, where you can send a custom email as well as the latest post…

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This plugin is a marketing tool used to expand and manage your fan base and…

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Wiki Styled Editing

If someone is a subscriber of your website, he will be able to edit your…

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Mail Lister provide an easy solution to marketing system,

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AB Post To Email

Plugin that send email to subscriber's when post is placed.

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