Integration with ITERAS, a cloud-based state-of-the-art system for managing subscriptions and payments for magazines.

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WP Simple Subscriber

Allows you to collect subscribers via a simple form (in a shortcode) or your own…

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AWeber Dev Facile

Display Total AWeber Subscribers Count from one or selected lists / Affiche le nombre d'abonnés…

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wp free subscriber plugin, wp simple subscriber plugin, wp subscriber, wp subscriber plugin, рассылки, email…

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WP YouTube Counters

Adds shortcodes to show YouTube channel's subscribers and video views count.

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WP Responsive Popup + Optin

WP Responsive Popup + Optin is a customizable Wordpress popup plugin with an optin form…

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Easy Subscribe

Effortlessly integrate customizable newsletter forms on your WordPress site with a simple shortcode.

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WP Group Subscriptions

Accepts paying group registrations. Gives access to restricted content for members or groups of members.

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