WP Easy Responsive Tabs

This plugin provides features to add tabs to you post or pages just using shortcode.

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Last.fm Tabs

Displays Last.fm cover art, friends, charts, shouts, loved tracks and user info.

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PJ jQuery UI Helper

Plugin to incorporate jQuery UI in posts and pages using shortcodes.

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Tabbed Widgets Reloaded

Create tab and accordion type widgets without writing a single line of code.

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Post Metaboxes Tabs

Groups mataboxes when editing post/page in administration backend to tabs according to metabox name pattern…

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Crosswinds Blocks

Take your website to the next level with the Crosswinds Blocks plugin!

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BSTabs extends WordPress of simple tabulature management.

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AH Shortcodes

This is a simple shortcode generator. Add buttons, columns, tabs, toggles and alerts to your…

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Guitar Tabs

The Guitar Tabs WordPress plugin let you publish songs with Chords and tabs solo.

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RubyTabs Lite

Create tabs easily in admin page, user friendly admin panel, supported fully touch swipe gesture,…

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Google Map Tab

A plugin that allows you to tab with Google Maps

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Rehabtabs makes it easy to add pretty jQuery UI tabs to your pages, posts and…

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EDD Tab Manager

Add Tabs to your Easy Digital Downloads Products to categorize content for your customers.

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Custom Tabs Shortcodes

Installs two shortcodes, one for a daily tab and another for custom tabs.

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Tabbed Cats

Show some subcategories in tabs based on CSS tabs only. tabbedcats @wpplugindevcom

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