Multi Item Responsive Slider

Multi-item Slider or miSlider is specifically designed for displaying multiple images or slides of content.…

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WP Testimonial

Add Testimonials on Your Website.

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Mi Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider For Showcase your clients, customer's testimonials. With 20+ trendy designs you can customize…

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B Testimonial

Testimonials are an important part of any website. You can add as many as testimonials…

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Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider display testimonials on your WordPress website in easy way. 20+ more popular marketing…

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Ultimate Carousel

Ultimate Corusel is very simple and free to create slider in your WordPress website. You…

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Wprong Testimonial Slider

WPRONG Testimonial Slider is the ultimate solution to publish your reputation or simple product view…

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WE – Client Logo Carousel

Display your partners, clients or sponsors on your website in a WE – Client Logo…

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WP Testimonial Carousel

WP Testimonial Carousel Plugin is for Add Testimonials with this Shortcode '[testimonials]'.

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WP Responsive Testimonial Slider

WP Responsive Testimonial Slider Plugin is for Add Testimonials with this Shortcode '[testimonials]'.For More info…

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SAS WEB Testimonials Slider

Create Fully responsive testimonial slider, and widgets in an elegant way. It has widget area…

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rtd-client-testimonial Display Your Clients Feedback or Testimonials in pages,posts,custom-posts,widgets etc.

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Best Testimonial

Very simple and powerful testimonial system for wordpress website. Customizable & user friendly.

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WP Testimonial Slider

Best Responsive Testimonials slider to display client's testimonials / recommendations.

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Advanced Testimonial

Advanced Testimonial's intuitive interface allows you to create great looking, mobile-friendly sliders in minutes with…

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Sticky Reviews

Sticky Review plugin is a awesome tool by which you can showcase your clients/customers reviews/feedback…

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SM Testimonial Slider

SM Testimonials is a Testimonial Slider Plugin Use for Display Testimonial Slider Using Shortcode

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