TaxDo offers the only plugin in the market that provides an integrated solution for real-time sales tax calculation and sales tax exemption certificate management. Unlike other providers, TaxDo stands out as the sole fully managed sales tax services provider covering all aspects of your business’s sales and use tax-related needs. Our approach surpasses simple API integration by offering genuine support and customization tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Here’s how TaxDo stands out:

  • Integrated Solutions:
    Seamless integration of TaxDo app with various sales, CRM, e-commerce platforms, or accounting software you use to manage and have all your sales tax data in one place.
  • Tax Class and Sub tax class management
    Exempt non-taxable products by taking advantage of TaxDo’s built-in sales tax class & sub tax class package for product exemption.
  • Sales Tax Registration:
    Expertise in handling sales tax registration in all US states and any other countries where you have nexus.
  • Exemption Certificate Management:
    Full management of your sales tax exemption certificates, including collection, review, and verification. Our dedicated teams work with your clients on your behalf, ensuring valid and audit-ready certificates, allowing your sales team to focus solely on sales.
  • Tax Filing Expertise:
    Partnership with the top 10 global tax firms for precise and accurate tax filing. Our team prepares each return separately, ensuring 100% accuracy and audit readiness. Unlike our competitors that automate filing, our approach minimizes errors and potential future tax liabilities.
  • Advisory Services and Audit Support:
    Comprehensive advisory services for any sales tax-related matters and assistance in handling state audits.

These services set us apart from other sales tax API providers. We understand the challenges of sales tax management, and our dedicated teams are committed to ensuring a painless process for you. Focus on growing your business while we take care of your sales tax compliance.

Feel free to reach out to TaxDo Partner Support for a complimentary demo or any information you may require. You can contact us via email at or send a text or call us at 949-407-8200.


How can I get tenant id and token?

after login to your account in TaxDo you can get them.


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  • Address API Optimized for Country-Specific Requirements


  • Zip Code Validation for Customer Addresses


  • Added sandbox environment functionality for clients to safely test plugin features without affecting their live site.
  • Added Debug Mode


  • Compatible with High-Performance Order Storage[HPOS]
  • Compatible with the latest cart and checkout block


  • Support Canada tax calculation


  • Initial release