Templ Optimizer


Templ Optimizer lets you optimize your site and improve its performance with just a few clicks.

We at Templ have optimized 1000s of WordPress websites through the years, and we’ve gathered some of our best optimization tricks in this easy-to-use plugin.

Clean your site’s database and tweak WordPress settings to make your website faster.


  • Clean your site’s database
  • Delete trashed posts
  • Delete revisions
  • Delete auto-drafts
  • Delete orphaned post meta
  • Delete expired transients
  • Delete database tables with other prefix
  • Convert MyISAM database tables to InnoDB
  • Optimize database tables
  • Change heartbeat interval (a.k.a. “heartbeat control”)
  • Change WP Rocket cache preload interval
  • Limit post revisions
  • Increase WordPress memory limit
  • WP-CLI support

Clean your site’s database

Your WordPress database grows with time and often contains a lot of unnecessary data. Clean your database with Templ Optimizer and see the effect on your database size and experience the difference in performance.

Tweak WordPress & plugin settings

Cotains many smart tweaks and settings for WordPress as well as some of the most popular plugins. Free up more resources for your site to handle visitors and speed up your website.

Got a feature request?

Are you missing a feature? Do you have ideas on how Templ Optimizer can be improved? Get in touch with us on our website: https://templ.io/


  • A clean and simple interface to optimize your WordPress website.


Do I need to take any precautions?

Yes, always backup your database before you do anything with your site’s database.

Where can I get support?

You can find documentation for Templ Optimizer here, where you also can chat with us.


2023년 12월 13일
Thank you for this wonderful optimizing plugin I’ve ever used. I always use for Optimize database tables and Convert MyISAM database tables to InnoDB.
2022년 1월 21일
Thank you very much to its developer for the most beautiful optimizing plugin I've ever used. I tried to contribute with the Turkish language option.
2021년 11월 20일
I've been using this on a few sites already, and I've seen databases go from ~200MB to ~20MB in size. Noticeable difference in speed afterwards. 👍
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  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary logging


  • Added: All new and improved design
  • Fixed: Multisite support (Deletion of database tables with other prefix now works on multisite)


  • Bug fix


  • Added “limit post revisions” function
  • Added “WordPress memory limit” function
  • Bug fixes


  • Added “delete auto-drafts” function
  • Added “optimize” function
  • Added WP-CLI command


  • Added plugin assets and screenshot


  • Minor improvements


  • Updated readme.txt


  • Minor improvements


  • First public release