Options for Block Themes


Template Editor

With WordPress v5.9 the first default theme with Full Site Editing was launched … Twenty Twenty-Two.

There is not yet the functionality to add templates that are not part of the theme without a child theme.

Having a FSE theme also removes links to the Customizer.

This plugin changes that!

This plugin will also enable the Template Editor in Gutenberg for full site editing for any theme!

Add Google Fonts to Editor

Choose Google Fonts and add them to the full screen editor global styles options!

Remove FSE Theme Fonts

This plugin will allow you to choose which theme fonts are included in the FSE editor and if not required will prevent them from being loaded on the front end.

Reinstate Customizer Links

Activating the plugin will inject the “Customize” links back into the “Dashboard – Appearance” and Admin Bar locations for WordPress prior to v6.0.

Edit Existing Templates

Once you’ve installed this plugin, head over to “Dashboard – Appearance – Manage Templates” where you can change the title, description and name of customized templates from the active theme or any other theme.

Duplicate Templates

Save templates as a copy to the active theme.

This allows you to use the WordPress Template Hierarchy to name your templates so that they can be used for custom post types, custom taxonomies, specific post or pages or anything you like!

Delete Templates

Easily delete templates from the active theme or any other theme. This doesn’t delete the orginal theme template, just any customizations you have made.

Download Templates

Download your template as .json files to back them up or to migrate them to another WordPress site.

Upload Templates

Upload template .json files to the active theme. This allows you to restor a template you backed up or migrate a template to another WordPress site.

Sticky Header

Easily enable a sticky header / menu in full site editor themes like Twenty Twenty-Two.

Animate Site Logo

Enable an option to shrink the header site logo when you scroll down the page.


Easily use this plugin to enable the Template Editor on your site …

1) Install “Template Editor” automatically or by uploading the ZIP file.
2) Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
3) Start using the Template Editor with your theme.


2022년 2월 23일 1 reply
Not for rookies as it takes a little bit of fiddling but this fiddling is necessary and not a lot. If you have any experience at all and want to create new or modified template copied this plugin is the bomb.
2022년 2월 19일 1 reply
This plugin has been a huge help to me because we run multiple websites, and even with the Site Editor making all of the sites identical would be tiresome. In our case, it was simply a matter of installing Template Manager on both sites, then one click to select a template on the donor site, and a second click to download it. Then (in the recipient site) after a click or two to delete modifications to the old templates, a final click to upload the new one. All that then remains is to edit a page and select the new template in the setting dropdown. It saves hours and hours of work!
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  • Various bugs and translation issues fixed


  • Paved the way for more on-scroll header animations
  • Added an option for shrunken logo width


  • General housekeeping


  • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple font styles for the same Google font


  • Added a theme option to attempt to host Google Fonts locally


  • Added a theme option to animate (shrink) the header Site Logo block on scroll


  • Added ability to disable and prevent FSE fonts from being loaded
  • Bug fix


  • Added ability to upload, download or delete template parts
  • Added Google Fonts to editor


  • Bug fix


  • Tweaked sticky header CSS
  • Bug fix


  • Added option to set the header as a sticky header


  • Show the “Customize” admin menu item in “Dashboard – Appearance” and in the Admin Bar


  • Added the ability to select, download templates from inactive themes and to delete templates


  • Bug fixes


  • Added the ability to download and upload templates


  • Added the ability to edit or duplicate customized templates


  • First version of the plugin