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2024년 6월 19일
I purchased Tickera trying to set up a new Wordpress site, replacing a WIX events site. I had so many questions and they answered them quickly, professionally, and went over and above! Thank you to the Tickera team!
2024년 4월 30일
The support I received from the representatives at Tikera (namely Igor and Gabriel) is far better than that of other plugins. You have to communicate by email, but once they get to your ticket (about a business day), they are on it! And problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. I’ll admit, there’s a good bit that I needed tweaked for my specific theme, but it was no problem for their team to handle. Tickera is now integrated beautifully with my website, and I’m sure if anything else arises in the future they’ll be there to help me out.
2024년 4월 19일
The plugin does what is promised awesome support, willing to work on your custom needs, great delivery time this is a must have plugin, excellent work guys
2024년 4월 17일
I needed to customize some logic in the order mail content, and they pointed me to the hook/filter that I needed to use, also with code examples, that allowed me to accomplish the task. Also they replied within hours, very fast. Very happy with the support for this plugin
2024년 3월 25일
Even on a friday afternoon, the people at Tickera helped me with a problem I had. It was resolved within the hour. Amazing support, I upgraded to a lifetime bundle license to show my appreciation for the team behind Tickera (and to get my problem solved, I was running an outdated version of a plugin add-on 😉 )
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