Torknado Page Excerpt


Like blog posts, a Page can have an “Excerpt” field to override the automatic excerpt of 55 words from the beginning of the content. However, many themes don’t display this field when editing pages, so you can’t edit it.

This extremely simple plugin forces page excerpt capability “on”. The Page excerpt is visible in internal search results and “Query Loop” blocks, as well as in the output of many plugins (e.g. CC Child Pages). So I generally do want to decide for myself whether to accept the default excerpt.


  • Visit Plugins > Add New.
  • Search for “torknado-page-excerpt”.
  • Click Install, then Activate.
  • There is nothing to configure.


Where is the Settings page?

There are no settings; this just does the one thing.

Will this work with any theme?

Fingers crossed!

Will this affect custom page templates?

No. The plugin that contributes the custom template controls whether it has an excerpt.

Is it a problem if the theme already shows the Excerpt field on pages?

You mean like will it make the Excerpt field display twice? No. If the theme already allows excerpts on pages, you don’t need this plugin, but it shouldn’t cause a problem.

Privacy concerns?

The plugin doesn’t collect, store, or transmit information.


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