Tour Operator Vehicles


Welcome to the Tour Operator Vehicles extension.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to install and configure the Tour Operator Plugin, you should do that before proceeding here!

To help convince travellers of their comfort and safety when traveling with you, we’ve created the Vehicles extension.

Fill in your fleets’ specs and display your vehicles on connected tours and destinations.

With a range of available options such as; type and number of gears, engine type (petrol/diesel), number of seats, vehicle code, and of course images and copy.

Works with the LSX Theme

The Tour Operator Plugin and Extensions are designed to work seamlessly with the LSX theme.

We are always updating our software to add functionality, and maintain latest security protocols.

Gutenberg Compatible Plugin

Have you updated to the new WordPress Gutenberg editor? We’ve got you covered! The Tour Operator Vehicles Plugin has been optimized for the Gutenberg update.

Check out our our Tour Operator dedicated website to check out all our available extensions and features.

It’s free, and always will be.

We’re firm believers in open source – that’s why this extension is free, and that won’t change.

We are constantly maintaining and updating our extension so you have the latest and greatest abilities on your LSX Theme powered site.

Tour Operator Vehicles Documentation

Anything you need to double check, or simply need a walkthrough for setting up the extension? Visit the Tour Operator Vehicles documentation.

Tour Operator Vehicles Help & Support

We offer premium support for this plugin. Premium support that can be purchased via our website.

If you are experiencing issues with the Tour Operator Vehicles Plugin & have experience with Github, please log any bug issues you are having on the Tour Operator Vehicles Github Issues page.

Contributing to the Tour Operator Vehicles Plugin

If you’re a developer who’s spotted a bug issue and have a fix, or simply have the functionality you think would extend our core theme, we are always happy to accept your contribution!

Visit the Tour Operator Vehicles Plugin on Github and submit a Pull Request with your updates.


  • Vehicles main page
  • Single Vehicle
  • Single Vehicle Gallery
  • Admin area settings
  • Vehicle list in the admin area


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