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2018년 October 17일
Useful for tracking the views your blog / site really gets. Interesting platform with many settings, a bit tricky to organize at first but well worth the effort the end. 5 out of 5 stars!
2018년 May 25일
This plugin makes it really easy to add a TraceMyIP tracker into WP... not sure what else to ask for here!
2018년 May 24일
The supporting finally came to me and pro-active although it still unable to uninstall the plug-in. I may need to restore from the back up and re-do some of the blog post,
2016년 September 3일
Extensively tested both Visitor IP tracking and visitor blocking and access control features for WordPress pages. Works with no issues with all major browsers and mobile devices. Visitor blocking and redirecting was tested with following conditions: - Block an IP address from accessing any WordPress pages - success - Redirect visitor to a different WordPress page if IPv4 address contained specific numbers - success - Show message to WordPress website visitor if the visitor's first IP address matched a given IP address - success - Show visitor a Pop-up message if a referrer URL contained "" - success - Show a blank page to a visitor if Landing Page contained a specific string - success - Redirect a visitor if the device used is a tablet - success - Show website visitor a warning of the Internet Explorer browser version was 8.0 - success - Redirect visitor to a different language version of the website if the GEO location of the visitor from India - success - Block visitor from accessing a specific page if the visitor has had more than 5 page loads - success Other visitor access rules were briefly tested and worked without issues. Visitor tracker function reliably detected all visits from various browsers using proxy servers and direct ISP connections.
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