Transmit to Slack


Instantly sends new orders from WooCommerce to your desired Slack channel.


  • This is how new orders shows on Slack (Ver. 1.0)

Getting Started

Step 1: Create Slack App

  • Go to Slack APIs: and login
  • Create a new app
  • Give it a name (WC Orders, for example)
  • Choose the workspace you would like to integrate with
  • Under “Building Apps for Slack” click on “Incoming Webhooks”
  • At the top – Activate Incoming Webhooks
  • Then, at the bottom, click on the button to add new webhook
  • Choose the channel you wish the orders will show in
  • You can create a new channel on slack and then refresh that page, so you can select the channel you just created
  • Click Install
  • You will see a new webhook URL, something that starts like this:……
  • Copy this URL

Step 2: Add code

  • Add the following code to your functions.php.
  • change “paste Webhook URL here” to the copied URL (from step 1)

add_filter(‘transmit_to_slack_webhook_url’, ‘slack_webhook_url’);
function slack_webhook_url(){
return ‘paste Webhook URL here’;

Contribute on GitHub

You are welcome to contribute this open source project on GitHub:



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1.0.0 – 2019-06-23

  • First version