Trustap Payment Gateway


Trustap’s Payment Plugin for WooCommerce lets you accept credit and debit cards within your website via Stripe’s Secure Payment Gateway. Trustap offers an instant Escrow Style Payment Service, meaning all payments are held until the product is received by the customer, ensuring their protection.


  • Zero Selling Fees – Trustap’s payment solution relies on the buyer to pay a small fee in return for protection, meaning there are zero transaction fees for the seller.
  • Chargeback prevention and management – our tailored fraud barriers reduce the risk of chargebacks. Our expert fraud team takes care of any chargeback response for you.
  • Buyer Protection – Trustap securely holds the payment until the product is delivered.
  • Accepts payment via debit/credit card including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.
  • Accepts payment via SEPA.
  • PCI Level 1 Security via Stripe




  1. Install Trustap Payment Gateway extension directly via the WordPress plugin directory or download the latest from [our plugin page on]( “Trustap Payment Gateway) and upload file via the WordPress plugin upload page.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Once you activated the plugin navigate to settings page of WooCommerce / Settings / Payments / Trustap Payments.
  4. Make sure Enable Trustap Payments is checked.
  5. To enable Test Mode make sure the Enable Test Mode is checked. If you want to disable Test mode and go live make sure it’s disabled.
  6. Under Trustap Test Key fill out the field with the key you received in your email and click Login. After Registering/Login accept the terms and you are all set! For Production the flow is the same except Trustap Live Key is needed.
  7. You are all set!


2023년 10월 9일
These guys are spamming email addresses on Instagram, I do not care how good this plugin is, they are highly unethical. **This is warning enough to stay away from it**
2023년 3월 30일
I have tried many credit card companies; You know it’s too complicated when they ask you for lots of documents.Some will not satisfy and reject you even after you provide the documents.The best part is only digital or virtual product/service sellers can feel this pain.Paypal will not allow you, and the stripe will reject you. 2checkout oh shit, they will ask for tons of documents. Finally, Trustap: They are very friendly. I know they partnered with Stripe but TRUST me, they handle it smoothly, and the support is excellent.Less document asking straight to business. That’s why TRUSTAP 🏆WON🏆 the Game. Best of luck for Trustap all employees 🤲
2023년 3월 24일
When it comes to accepting payments internationally without much documentation, trustap is best I’ve ever used, I also recommend you must using trustap in your store, also customer support is top class willing to continue doing business with them even on my future projects too, great services, very impressive, lastly thank you so much trustap for providing great payment gateway services,
2023년 3월 20일
I’ve tested Trustap almost a month ago and I loved it instantly.It’s super easy to implement on your website, very easy to use and your customers will be happy as well, since it gives them protection from being scammed. I’m actually implementing it on my other websites, I suggest you to try!
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