Shop Products Filter


Filter WooCommerce products with ajax functionality. Use this plugin to make an awesome product filter like price,category tags etc. Use price slider or checkbox which is very easy to filter the woo products from shop.
woo product filter allows the users to filter the products/items by by price, categories, tags, taxonomy, and attributes.
100% Elementor Compatibility,100% Divi and other e-commerce theme’s Compatibility


  1. Ajax Filter with Pagination and Sorting
  2. Works with default Shop Template
  3. Product Category Filter (hierarchically option)
  4. Product Tags Filter (hierarchically option)
  5. Attribute Filter (Color Selection option)
  6. On Sale Products Filter
  7. Price Filter (Checkbox and Range Slider)
  8. Taxonomy Filter
  9. Unlimited Filter
  10. Easy Admin Panel
  11. Fast Support
  12. Easy Shortcode

How It Works

  1. After plugin activation you will get new menu ‘Trusty Woo Filters’
  2. Click on ‘Add new’ and play with awesome settings panel.
  3. Add new filters from dropdown (General Tab)
  4. every filter has thier own control settings.
  5. Make your filter and get shortcode.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png
  • screenshot-3.png
  • screenshot-4.png


  1. Upload the entire ‘trusty-woo-filter’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. unzip the file.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress dashboard and you are done.


Will it work with default shop page of woocommerce?

Yes, It will work with your default shop page products.

Is it compatible with all themes?

Yes , It is compatible with all WordPress themes.

Is it compatible with Divi Shop Module?

Yes , It is compatible with Divi Shop Module.

Is it compatible with Elementor Shop Widget?

Yes , It is compatible with Elementor Shop widget.

Is it compatible with Woo Products Shortcode?

Yes , It is compatible with woo products shortcode too.


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* Compatible with WordPress 6.1
* Tweak – Filter Settings (Admin Panel,CSS Tweaks)


* Compatible with WordPress 5.9
* Tweak – Filter Settings (Admin Panel)


* Compatible with Loco Translate
* Admin Area translatable
* localization and Internationalize done.


* First version of plugin.