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UpSells for LearnDash allows you to create a widget on LearnDash course page that enables you to display other related courses of your choice. It enables you to increase visibility of your higher end course offerings to your customers and thus driving more sales.

Show higher offerings of courses or show related courses
The default LearnDash course page doesn’t offer many options if you want to present different course listings of the same course. This widget truly comes to your rescue if you are selling a course that comes in different variations. (For example – You are selling courses that have the same content but vary in some topics, quizzes and assignments) This widget allows the customer to explore these different course offerings based on the course they have selected.

Easy to Set Up
UpSells can be set easily and quickly from the LearnDash course page. Just select the courses you want to upsell and hit save and voila it’s done!

Increases Visibility and thus Sales of your courses
The biggest problem for a store owner is visibility. When you are selling multiple courses on your site, it is difficult for a customer to explore every course offered on the site. So an UpSells widget helps you increase visibility on courses that are related to the course being watched by the customers and thus increasing sales in the process


  • Allows you to set an unlimited number of UpSells on each LearDash course.
  • Easy to use interface to quickly set UpSells for a course.
  • Allows you to show enrollment count for each of the courses in the UpSells widget

With Pro version, you get the following features –

  • Compatible with WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) – Allows you to set upsells widget on WooCommerce product page / EDD downloads page
  • Widget flexibility – You can opt to place the widget using shortcode anywhere on the LearnDash course page.
  • ‘Show More’ widget option – Show a minimum fixed number of courses by default and when a customer clicks on ‘Show more’, display the entire list of UpSell courses like Udemy.

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  • Settings page.
  • Setting the Upsells courses for the course.
  • Upsells widget output on course listing page.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/upsells-for-learndash directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Access the plugin under LearnDash LMS > Settings > Upsells


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