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Upurr is transforming the way that people shop. It provides a powerful tool for eCommerce stores that are looking to drive the right traffic and ultimately increase sales.

By connecting your WooCommerce web store to Upurr you will be opening up a new flow of targeted audiences, providing your store with an increase in shoppers that are more likely to purchase products from your store.

Build your profile, add vouchers that you create in WooCommerce and get access to analytics all with your Upurr Store Profile.


  • Get started by authorising Upurr to enable us to show your products and create orders.
  • Use your Upurr account credentials to connect your WooComerce store to your Upurr Store Profile.
  • You're connected! Go to your Upurr account and ensure you add products to your Store Profile.


Where do I register my store on Upurr?

You can register your store and create your Upurr Store Profile at https://upurr.co.uk/store.

Where can I find more information on connecting my WooCommerce store to Upurr?

You can find step by step text and video tutorials at https://upurr.co.uk/docs/woocommerce.


2022년 4월 11일
Really great plugin, has improved my traffic on my site massively! would 100% recommend this to any ecommerce shop.
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