voizy — a contact form for voice messages.


After installation, a new Gutenberg block called voizy is available. There you’re able to customize the widget and insert given listener id. Just save the block and users are ready to send you voice messages.

If you don’t use Gutenberg, there is also a shortcode (of course): [voizy id=1234 theme="light" context="Something" color="ff0000" privacy-opt-in=true privacy-url="https://example.com"]


이 플러그인은 1(을)를 제공합니다.



For usage, a free account at voizy.de is required.

You’ll get a so called listener id which the plugin needs.


2019년 September 3일
Good plugin for generating voicemails by a contact form. Just works (for free!). And with the shortcode you´re good to go on every page/site 🙂 Keep up the good work!
2019년 August 28일
Ich selbst nutze Sprachnachrichten häufig in mobilen Apps. Ich fragte mich ob es das nicht auch für Websites gäbe... und mit Voizy habe ich eine gute Lösung gefunden. Meine Besucher können mit mir nun fast genauso simpel kommunizieren wie im Messenger.
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