W3SCloud Contact Form 7 to Bigin


This plugin integrate Zoho Bigin with Contact Form 7 plugin. Whenever user submit a Contact Form 7 form, if a integration is created for the form then form entry will be inserted to Bigin automatically.

Unlimited From Submission

This plugin works well with forms created by Contact form 7. Just select the form and ready to map.

Easy Setting Instructions

Instructions are provided on the plugin settings page. Follow the instruction and create a new Zoho Client, there you will get the credentials.

On-click Enable and Disable Option

You can enable or disable integration by your choice only one click.

Multiple Integrations

This plugin also work fine with one form with multiple ingratiation.

Bigin logs (Premium feature)

View a detailed log of each contact form 7 submission submit into Bigin and easily resend contact form 7 submission to Bigin.

Create Or Update Contact in Bigin(Premium feature)

If an entry already exists in Bigin, update it otherwise create a new entry in Bigin.

Others Bigin Modules (Premium feature)

In our premium plugin its working on Bigin others module ( Account, Lead, Order, Case) and also work fine with custom module as well

Easy to Map Bigin fields (Premium feature)

Map easily to contact form 7 fields to substitute Bigin Contact module fields. No limitation on number of fields.

= Map Custom Fields (Premium feature)=
Map custom fields easily to Bigin Contact module fields and map any numbers of custom fields.


  • API Client Authentication settings form.
  • New Integration page.
  • Field Mapping Process for integration.


W3SCloud Contact Form 7 to Bigin plugin require “Contact Form 7” plugin to work. Please install and activate “Contact Form 7” before installation.

follow the instruction below:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/w3sc-cf7-to-bigin directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Integrations->Bigin Auth Settings screen to authenticate Bigin
  4. Create and insert Zoho Credentials using displayed Information then save.
  5. Press Grant Access button to authorize Zoho Bigin For this Integration.


Is this plugin FREE?

Yes, this plugin is completely free but we have a pro version for extended functionality.

How to get Zoho Client Credentials?

Please follow the instruction on the plugin settings page and create a new Zoho Client, there you will get the credentials.

In which modules of Zoho Bigin this plugin can insert data?

At this moment we only support inserting into the “Contacts” module.


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Minor Bug fixed.
Changed some options.


Implement new framework with zoho crm API version 2.
Removed Titan framework.
Changed some options.


Minor Bug fixed.
Custom hooks introduced.


Minor Bug fixed.


Initial release of the plugin.