Wallkit Subscriptions & Paywall Plugin for WordPress


Wallkit is the most progressive paid-content system out in the market today. This versatile technological platform handles content access control, billing and administrative functions for membership-based content publishers.

Wallkit software integrates seamlessly across WordPress users’ websites and your other platforms like Hubspot, Mailchimp and Stripe.

This easy-to-install and lightning-fast system connects with Wallkit server to bring content protection, subscriber management, sign up/sign in, member-CRM plus access to analytics features.

It’s free to use. Simply sign up for a Wallkit account once you’ve installed the Plugin at www.wallkit.net

Service is subject to Wallkit Terms and Conditions.


For the simple and quick guide on installation, please visit our detailed documentation.


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Release Date – 03 November 2023

Updates including:

  • Minor updates.


Release Date – 18 October 2023

Updates including:

  • Added ability enable advanced sign-in system for imported users.
  • Bug fix.


Release Date – 12 October 2023


Release Date – 10 October 2023

Updates including:

  • Made changes relative to site speed improvements.
  • Display defaults Sign-in/My Account buttons after wallkit initialized.
  • Fix notices.
  • Updates for admins.


Release Date – 28 September 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix getting user.
  • Fix php notice for ‘Sign-in’ button in menu.
  • Updates in setup integration script.
  • Allow setup custom selector for frontend blocking.


Release Date – 11 September 2023

Updates including:

  • Core updates.
  • Fix blocking content on frontend.


Release Date – 21 August 2023

Updates including:

  • Allow disable Wallkit initialization for specific cases, in additional script.
  • Allow paywalled and block content on backend, frontend, and disable blocked.


Release Date – 13 July 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix warnings admin capabilities. For edit plugin settings user should have ‘manage_options’ capability.


Release Date – 27 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix warnings for PHP 8.0.
  • Add promise on check post access request.


Release Date – 26 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Updates in base integration.


Release Date – 15 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Allow admins disable paywall on post.


Release Date – 9 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Ability for change Sign In/My Account button titles in config.
  • Caching some core options.


Release Date – 8 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Fixed add fonts.


Release Date – 2 June 2023

Updates including:

  • Add option – Reload the page after logging out.
  • Add filter – wallkit_override_global_post_data.


Release Date – 24 May 2023

Updates including:

  • Allowed add Wallkit calls classes into the <body> tag.
  • Passed the settings data in Additional integration script.


Release Date – 1 May 2023

Updates including:

  • Fix: show paywall in Safari.


Release Date – 12 April 2023

Updates including:

  • Added the ability to add Sign In button to menus.
  • Added the ability to add custom JavaScript to header/footer.


Release Date – 6 April 2023

Updates including:

  • Added the ability to select taxonomies to be synchronized to Wallkit,
  • Applied style improvements for split Sign-in and Sign-up pop-ups,
  • Fixed bug with public/private keys when activating the plugin,
  • Code improvements.


Release Date – 3 March 2023

Major update including:

  • UI/UX refresh,
  • Enhanced settings abilities in defining access preferences and paywall configurations,
  • Introduced WK Calls technology, allowing custom UX implementation by adding CSS classes,
  • Advanced customization of the paywall’s block appearance,
  • Support for up-to-date WordPress,
  • No-code installation and much more.