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2023년 8월 15일 1 reply
Our client had an old version of the premium plugin and noticed that the Store Locator function was not working, so I bought a fresh license and it still doesn't work, even though the latest version is only 3 weeks old, so I contacted support and they told me they stopped developing it and supporting it even thought I just paid $85 for 6 months of support (I asked for a refund). So yeah, this plugin is dead, might as well be deleted from the store.
2021년 9월 26일
I Have tried several times to correct my troubles, not so quick reply as promised. lately I have pages corrupted and emailed on Friday and now by Sunday still no reply. I'm still waiting.
2020년 12월 31일
I appreciate that you offer a free version, however I found it VERY limited. On the free version there's no directions available, I can't list a locations phone number or web address.... basically it's just a map that shows we have a bunch of locations. It's not a really viable... I could just manually list them and put anything I want. There's no purpose to having a map on my website if it can't at least provide directions. I also wasn't crazy about how the Store Locator looks out of the box... even basic design principles aren't implemented. "Store Locator" heading sits right on top of the address field; and the Radius field isn't even long enough for the text in it although the whole section fills in 100% (background). I will take a look at your pricing and compare it to other paid map plugins.. but even at the paid level, from what I saw on changing the look of things it just doesn't look polished enough to me to warrant a paid version. That's my opinion.
2020년 4월 12일
I thought I was just buying a plugin and you get tricked into setting up a dashboard with them that ties directly into your website. It's one of these companies where it's almost impossible to find the form to submit a ticket on their website. Instead you get to go through layers of stupid help menus. Their online chat is the same thing. If you are looking to get aggravated, this company is perfect.
2019년 7월 22일
I have tried various google maps plugins. Bottom line this is the best one. Easy to use and - for me particullary important - it offers more than one marked location on a map.
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