WooCommerce Easy Duplicate Product


You can now easily duplicate a product from your editor. Just install this plugin, and click on the right hand side “duplicate” link. You can also use bulk actions to duplicate multiple products.

PLEASE NOTE: you must be using WooCommerce with the plugin.

If you something doesn’t work, as a complimentary service, I can have a quick look. Go to WPGem.com if you need further help.

Note there are three other ways to duplicate products, using this plugin.

1) Besides the link, you can also tick the checkbox next to a selection of products. Then from “Bulk actions” above the product list, select “Duplicate product.” Click “Apply.”

2) Another way is to click on the “Edit” link. Then, you should see a box with options to duplicate the product once or multiple times.

3) Yet still, you should see the “Duplicate this product” link in the admin bar when you are editing the product.

Let me know how things go or if you need further assistance.


How does it work?

In your product editor, you will see a “Duplicate” link on your right hand side. Just click on it to duplicate a product.


2023년 3월 1일 1 reply
If I want to add a huge chunk of dummy products to my woocommerce store, this is a fantastic tool. It means I don't get directed to a new product page to make changes there before I publish it. One suggestion I would make is an option to turn off appending "(copy)" to each new product. For developers like myself, this would help when creating dummy products.
2021년 6월 6일 1 reply
Faced with the task of creating 22 x 4 duplicate products with slight variations ( Title and Category ) this plugin saved me a ton of time. Worked perfectly.
2021년 2월 5일
The plugin is definitely easy to use and an awesome utility but so is the service. An issue raised for addressed at the earliest and the plugin has been working great for me. I strongly recommend this plugin.
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