WooCommerce JTL-Connector


With JTL-Connector for WooCommerce, you can connect your WooCommerce online shop with the
free JTL-Wawi ERP system by JTL-Software. The ERP system as well as the entire JTL product
family are perfectly suited to the requirements of e-commerce and mail order businesses.
They help you to process more orders in a shorter time and offer a range of exciting functionalities.

With JTL-Connector, you have access to the complete JTL product family. Use JTL-Connector to transfer
the data from your existing WooCommerce shop to our ERP system. From now on, you can manage your online
shop and your entre business with JTL-Wawi and profit from an efficient process chain that comprises
everything from purchase to shipping and returns.

JTL-Wawi and JTL-Connector are out-of-the-box solutions that use a lot of the functions that your
WooCommerce shops use, too. Further functions can be individually programmed and added using JTL-Connector.

Further information on JTL-Connector, a connector for third party shops

Why use an ERP system?

The free JTL-Wawi ERP system allows you to manage your business centrally with a single software.
Transfer data from existing applications quickly and connect with a variety of online shop systems.

Synchronise item data, orders and stocks in a centralised ERP software. System discontinuities, which
are common with other solutions, can be significantly reduced with a leading ERP system such as JTL-Wawi.
The software allows you to easily keep track of all your sales channels. You can also automate your
processes and deal with complex tax issues.

Further information on the ERP system JTL-Wawi

Download JTL-Wawi for free


If you wish to optimise other aspects of your work, you can always choose more products from our
extensive portfolio—no matter whether you want to enhance efficiency in sales, in the warehouse or in shipping.

  • Control your online shop with JTL-Wawi
  • Multichannel distribution: sell on Amazon and eBay with JTL-eazyAuction
  • Efficiently handle shipments and returns with the free JTL-Packing Bench+
  • Print shipping labels for your logistics providers with JTL-Shipping

Overview of the JTL product family

Many sellers also use JTL-Connector to transfer their data to JTL-Wawi and test our
proprietary online shop system JTL-Shop.


Sellers often use standard shop systems without personalised features, plug-ins and added functions.
Out-of-the-box shops like these can be connected to JTL-Wawi with a few simple steps using JTL-Connector.


You have made individual adjustments to your shop, e.g. the installation of plug-ins? In this case,
JTL-Connector needs an individual configuration for each of the plug-ins. To facilitate this, JTL-Connector
features an integrated plug-in interface,
enabling the transfer of personalised data and functions to JTL-Wawi.


  • Initial data synchronisation

In the course of the initial synchronisation, data such as items, categories, images and customer and
order information is transferred from your shop to JTL-Wawi. If you want to use JTL-Wawi as the leading
system, you can directly and exclusively manage your products and process your online shop orders in
JTL-Wawi right after the initial synchronisation.

  • Individual data maintenance

Many of the performance features that JTL-Wawi offers can also be used in your online shop via the
JTL-Connector, provided your shop system also offers these functionalities. Some functionalities of
your online shops are not transferred by JTL-Connector by default. Those can be added individually via
plug-ins or additional programming.

  • Continuous synchronisation

The data created or changed by you in JTL-Wawi is transferred to your shop via the
online shop synchronisation. Orders placed in your shop are directly forwarded to JTL-Wawi.
You can process all orders, including shipping and returns, in JTL-Wawi. The current order
status is transferred to your shop via JTL-Connector. In this way, your customers are always
informed about the status of their orders.

  • Combined operation

You can also operate JTL-Connector and your shop in a combined mode. In this case, you define what
data is to be imported into JTL-Wawi or transferred to your online shop. You can specify, for example,
that JTL-Wawi only updates stocks for the shop and only imports orders. This means that you still maintain
your products in the back end of your online shop.


JTL-Software holds all the knowledge to ensure the future-proof development of the JTL connectors.
This know-how enables us to react quickly to changing requirements and to adapt JTL-Connector to
evolving connected shop systems. This ensures trouble-free compatibility with future versions.




  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.8.0) information & JTL-Wawi settings page.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.8.0) advanced settings page.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.8.0) delivery time settings page.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.8.0) customer orders settings page.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.8.0) developer settings page.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (<=1.6.4) settings panel.
  • The WooCommerce JTL-Connector (>=1.7.0) settings panel.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Do a backup of your shop-database, before you do the following steps.
  2. Install the JTL-Connector for WooCommerce and register for an free domain bound licence-key.
  3. If the installation was successful the JTL-Connector will be shown in the woocommerce settings.


2019년 2월 6일
Das Plugin ist bildet zu den Standard Funktionen noch eine Menge anderer Features der Wawi ab wie z.B. automatisch errechnete Lieferzeiten, einbinden von Attributen, Sonderpreise, Eigenschaften usw. In Verbindung mit der Wawi bietet die Schnittstelle zum Woocommerce Shop ein perfektes Paket, um seine Produkte online an zu bieten.
2019년 2월 5일
Seist selten das es im OSS Bereich so guten Support gibt wie bei diesem Plugin. Wir hatten ein paar Anpassungsschwierigkeiten bei SALE Produkten und bei der Differenzbesteuerung der Versandkosten bei der Übernahme in WaWi. Kaum das Ticket eröffnet , wurden wir zurückgerufen und konnten dasProblem eingrenzen und perspektivisch sicherlich lösen. Dickes Lob an die Entwickler, denn das ist selbst im kommerziellen Bereich nicht der Standard Sender eher die Ausnahme. ich würd auch 10 Sterne vergeben wenn es möglich wäre.....
2019년 1월 8일
Der Abgleich zwischen Woocommerce und JTL funktioniert tadellos. Seit der Version 1.6.2 funktioniert auch die Zuordnung der JTL Attribute zu den erstellten globalen Eigenschaften in Woocommerce. Dadurch konnten wir perfekt Swatches (Vorschaubilder) für unsere Produktvarianten einbinden.
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