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2018년 8월 16일
downloaded, installed, called the function, lots of error messages, support forum is full of treads related to this.
2018년 6월 10일
The plugin works great. Nevertheless there are certain shortcomings and bugs (when I saved changed settings – the default image was missing) – but all is feasible to fix by your own if you know a bit of coding… Thank you very much!
2018년 1월 30일
this is absolutely the smartest and most complete autocomplete plugin out there. I coudln’t use it, though, because there is a conflict with the theme and the search results overlap the page.
2018년 1월 19일
I tried most other of the autocomplete plugins, and not one came close to being as complete of a package, and reliable, as WP AutoComplete Search is in its free version. Kudos on a job well done.
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