WP 페이지 복제


Clone WordPress page, post, custom post types

This plugin adds an option to duplicate a page, a post, or any custom post type items.

이 제품은 플러그 앤 플레이로 사용이 매우 간편합니다.

We hate distraction, so we created a page/post copy plugin with a simple interface. When you hover over a post or a page in the Pages or Posts list, you’ll be able to select Duplicate to create a duplicate version.

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WP Duplicate Page is built to optimize dashboard appearance and drive positive impact for your WordPress admin workflow productivity:

  • Designed with clean UI/UX
  • Highly compatible with all themes and plugins
  • 클릭 한 번으로 페이지 또는 게시물을 복제할 수 있습니다
  • 사용자 역할에 따라 권한 설정
  • 복제 단추에 대한 사용자 정의 텍스트


These are good ideas on how to exploit the WP Duplicate Page plugin:

  • Create a replica of that particular page/post
  • Retain a specific state of the original page/post
  • 여러가지 작업 수정 및 개선
  • Copy to a new draft with selected elements
  • 페이지/게시물의 표준 템플릿 유지

🎉 Supported Themes and Plugins

We have done extra work to ensure compatibility with all themes, page builders, and major plugins.

📝 Documentation and Support

If you’re having issues, do let us know and we’ll try to help you out.
You can always reach us at Ninja Team Support Center.

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  • WP 페이지 복제 Settings
  • 복제 버튼


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.


Is this plugin compliant with GDPR?

Absolutely! WP Duplicate Page doesn’t collect or store any personal information. So rest assured.

Can I duplicate custom post types?

Yes, you can. In addition to pages, you can clone blocks, products, orders, coupons, templates, and so on.

Is WP Duplicate Page free?

Yes, it’s completely free of charge. WP Duplicate Page comes with all the features listed in the description above.


2023년 8월 22일 답글 1개
Perfect, I agree with Charlie Merland @caercam. No overkill functions, no overkill user interface. Simple and clean options which user roles can duplicate and which post types will have the “duplicate” link. Duplicates also posts that are edited with Elementor, with all styles without hustle. So you can start the Elementor editor and all is there like you would edit your original post! Nice! Thanks for that. No need for overloaded plugins. This simply does it´s job and is a clean solution! Great! 🙂
2023년 7월 7일 답글 1개
Best solution out there for duplicating posts. Period. Does exactly what it needs to do, nothing less, nothing more. It’s getting hard to find plugins that don’t add loads of unnecessary options and settings and features and whatever. This on does not. It just duplicates posts. Thanks for that.
2023년 10월 2일 답글 1개
Unlike other plugins i have used before, this not only duplicates the order, but also, their items, shipping, and order’s metadata! That’s really helpful for all store owners!Simple and clean.
2023년 3월 30일 답글 1개
As the title says, a simple and effective – safe – tool that works exactly as advertised. Thanks very much for adding this to the repository.
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Mar 22, 2024 – Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed: Change text-domain

May 31, 2023 – Version 1.4

  • Added: Duplicate in Bulk actions

Jun 16, 2022 – Version 1.3

  • Fixed: Security issues

July 19, 2021 – Version 1.2

  • Fixed: Bug of duplicated slug

Jun 2, 2021 – Version 1.1

  • 수정됨: 라이브러리에 중복된 미디어

November 29, 2020 – Version 1.0

  • Initial Release