WP Events Manager


What is WP Events Manager?

WP Events Manager is a powerful Events Manager plugin with all of the most important features of an Event Website.

It helps you easier manage all of your events and even help you sell your tickets online.

What can WP Events Manager do?

  • Set up events with:
    • Quantity (number of tickets)
    • Ticket Price
    • Start date / End date
    • Location (Google Map Integration)
    • ShortCode – to embed into other posts, other places on your site.
    • Featured Event Image, Event Category – Easily group and manage events
  • Manage Users : Who join what event
  • Currency manage: You can choose the currency of your own with Thousand separator, decimal separators and more.
  • Send notify when user register events, send notification when user register accounts, …
  • Payment/Checkout option:
    • Checkout with Paypal
    • Set up Cancel Payment status
    • Limit number of times people register

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  • Single Event Page
  • Create A New Event
  • Archive Event Page
  • General Settings
  • Page Settings
  • Email Settings
  • Checkout Settings


From your WordPress dashboard
1. Visit ‘Plugin > Add new’.
2. Search for ‘WP Events Manager’.
3. Activate WP Events Manager from your Plugins page.

From WordPress.org
1. Search, select and download WP Events Manager.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Dashboard.


2023년 11월 15일
It misses some of the mainly features for an event plugin. One above all: the events are not displayed in chronological order.
2022년 12월 20일
This could be a great plugin, but misses so many important/simple features:1. Time Zone for national businesses with multiple locations/events 2. Display customization (Calendar view, week view, sort, search,…) 3.Coupon Codes 4. Date picker does not work!!! 5. Embed map of venue 6. Event contact info and so on Would be more efficient to work with the popular WP Events Manager plugin
2020년 7월 11일
Nice plugin. Works okay but what stops me from buying it is the lack of currencies. Having to hack the ZAR currency into the thing when that currency is standard in Woocommerce for example, is silly.
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  • An amazing Events Manager plugin for WordPress was born


  • Fix timezone countdown
  • Rebuild Core
  • Update booking detail page
  • Update event countdown widget
  • Update event category template
  • Add event note
  • Add booking note
  • Add map location for event
  • Add setting for set up Google map API key
  • Add event category taxonomy
  • Add woocommerce payment add-on


  • Remove unnecessary caps and roles


  • Fix register user process
  • Remove event note


  • Fix deactive previous version process for multisite
  • Update Woocomerce payment add-on for Woocommerce version 3.x


  • Update do shortcodes in default pages


  • Fix revolution slider with content filter


  • Fix content filter


  • Support some functions of old versions
  • Add custom event category columns


  • Sync event date in database


  • Fix event status and admin archive event page


  • Fix update booking status with PHP 7
  • Update auto shortcode redirect


  • Fix notice single event with Siteorigin page builder


  • Fix update event status
  • Update booking completed status when book free event
  • Add booking mail for admin


  • Update admin sortable events by date

  • Fix upgrade process

  • GDPR compliance

  • Update pagination for archive event page
  • Add feature event tag

  • Update User Account template

  • Added new feature to customize the email body.
  • Tried to check and auto update events status.
  • Added link to add events into Google Calendar in Single view.

  • Updated and corrected language texts.

  • Fixed issue makes site die when saving events with start date equals with end date.


  • Fixed bug of being able to book even when the slots are full.


  • Fixed not send email when user register


  • Fixed error with PHP8