WP Load Gallery


Masonry | Portfolio | Slider | Justified grid | Nested grid | Post grid | Compact slider | Flipbox | Square Grid
You’ll get the possibility to create galleries from existing folders on server, youtube, vimeo, wordpress media.
plugin brings 9 themes for your galleries, you can custom width, image effect by Sepia | Blur | Grayscale | Brightness, gallery pagination, item ratio, columns, order (by date, title, random), border of image, image overlay, image effect, textpanel…


  • Default
  • Masonry
  • Portfolio
  • Slider
  • Justified grid
  • Nested grid
  • Post grid
  • Compact slider
  • Flex
  • Flipbox
  • Square Grid

Main features

  • Add items from youtube, vimeo, media library, server folder, post, category, media category, Google Drive, Custom post type
  • Gallery pagination by load more
  • Gallery pagination by number page
  • Gallery pagination by lazy load
  • Gallery navigation by dropdown
  • Gallery navigation by folder
  • Overlay
  • Image effect: Blur, Sepia, Grayscale, Brightness
  • Border Transition, Background Transition
  • Text panel
  • Item ratio
  • Columns, order (by date, title, random), border of image…
  • Slider autoplay, arrows, navigation, vertical, center mode, duration, num rows
  • A lot of options…


  • Default theme
  • Slider theme
  • Masonry theme
  • Portfolio theme
  • Flex theme
  • Justified grid theme
  • Nested grid theme
  • Post grid theme
  • Compact slider theme
  • Pagination by load more button
  • Pagination by number page
  • Lightbox on frontend
  • Backend manager screen
  • Hover style
  • Border box animate when hover
  • Flipbox theme
  • Square Grid theme
  • Gallery navigation by folder
  • Gallery navigation by dropdown


Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
Search for ‘WP Load Gallery’
Activate WP Load Gallery from your Plugins page.
Use the WP Load Gallery WordPress left menu


2023년 11월 25일
Such a great All in One Gallery Plugin. I have used this on multiple projects and found very useful for Image and Video Galleries.
2022년 8월 24일
For set up of Google Client ID and Google Client Secret, your 'gridgallerys' URL to the documentation (Read online document) is not a working link or domain. I tried spelling 'gallerys' correctly as "galleries"...doesn't work. I tried just the domain itself, without the 'document' path...nope. Your plugin is showing as up-to-date from within my wordpress. Why not include some instruction in the plugin and/or on your support pages so we can make it work with google drive content, being that it is one of your listed features of the plugin?
2022년 4월 16일 1 reply
After investigating why the site went down, the logged error pointed to the wp-load-gallery plugin missing a "main-google.php" file used in the admin/class directory. Unknown if the plugin was hacked or the contributor removed it. There was never any notice from the contributor. Needless to say, when restoring the site, this plugin simply stopped cooperating, the values where still in the settings, but the file was corrupt and would not render. Had to move on to a more stable plugin.
2021년 4월 19일
All kinds of amazing photo albums. You can add directories directly, it’s really great! Only Google fonts always bother me.
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  • Fix image size not correct on frontend


  • Fix error PHP


  • Fix load gallery from server folder


  • Fix error PHP


  • Compatible with wordpress 5.8


  • Compatible with wordpress 5.7


  • Add new theme: Flipbox, Square Grid
  • Add item from: Custom post type, Google Drive
  • Add slider options: Center Mode
  • Add skin: Border transition


  • Fix gallery loadmore


  • Add new theme: Justified grid, Nested grid, Post grid, Compact slider
  • Add item from: Post, category, media category
  • Add image effect: Brightness
  • Add skin: Background transition


  • Fix warning php on frontend


  • initial release