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WP Magazine Modules Lite is a handy and user-friendly WordPress plugin for creating different styles magazine layouts. This plugin works perfectly with Gutenberg and fully compatible with Elementor page builder that enables the drag and drop feature.It comes with an exclusive different module to create a responsive magazine homepage and provides the unique design to your website. They offer comprehensive modules including ticker, post tiles, post with grid layouts, block layout and much more. Additionally, it is easy to configure and provide the great flexibility to build the magazine layouts with ease.

Features and Options

  • Compatible with Gutenberg Editor and Elementor PageBuilder
  • Succesfully tested with wordpress latest version
  • Build up your magazine/news-portal/blogging site with easy drag and drop access
  • Responsive layouts
  • 20+ total block layouts.
  • Multiple blocks with multiple variations
    • Ticker( 2 layouts )
    • Timeline( 2 layouts )
    • Banner( 2 layouts )
    • Slider( 2 layouts )
    • Post Block( 2 layouts )
    • Post Tiles( 2 layouts )
    • Grid( 2 layouts )
    • List( 2 layouts )
    • Post filter( 2 layouts )
    • Post Carousel( 2 layouts )
    • Category Collection( 2 layouts )
  • Block Columns Option
  • Multiple Category Select option – display posts from multiple categories in a single block
  • Display post elements like title, thumbnail, date, category, tags, content/excerpt, post-format, author
  • OrderBy and Order Options – display your posts in descending, ascending manner w.r.t to post date and title
  • Show/Hide option for metas, content, thumbnail, title.
  • Show/Hide post margin option.
  • Show/Hide icon for meta and button.
  • Dynamic Category color Options
  • Color options.
    • Font Color
    • Button Background Color
    • Border Color
    • Link Hover Color
    • Flexible color option for each post elements( title, meta, content, buttons )
  • You can add custom typography for each post elements in 10+ blocks
  • On/off – default plugin typography inheritance
  • Flexible Typography option available for Block title, Post title, Content, Meta, Buttons
  • Multiple google fonts comes with variations in font weight.
  • Available settings tabs
    • Basic Settings
    • Query Settings
    • Extra Settings
    • Fallback Image
    • Layout Settings
    • Color Settings
    • Typography Settings

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  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Area

    1. Go to Plugins > Add New
    2. Type “WP Magazine Modules Lite” into the Search and hit Enter.
    3. Find this plugin Click “Install now”
    4. Activate The Plugin
    5. Use the WP Magazine Modules Lite block on your next page or post.

    Manual Installation:

    1. Download the plugin from WordPress.org repository
    2. On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin’
    3. Upload the downloaded plugin file (wp-magazine-modules-lite.zip) and click ‘Install Now’
    4. Activate ‘WP Magazine Modules Lite’ from your Plugins page.
    5. Use the WP Magazine Modules Lite block on your next page or post.


Can I use WP Magazine Modules with any WordPress theme?

Yes, It can be used with any WordPress theme.

Do I need coding skill to use WP Magazine Modules for Gutenberg and Elementor?

Our settings panels are well coded with proper user interface so, you just need to drag, drop and click.

Is WP Magazine Modules Lite Compatible with Guteberg Editor?

Yes, WP Magazine Modules is fully compatible with Guteberg editor. In fact this plugin is compatible latest WordPress version along with major plugins and themes available in WordPress.

Can I use WP Magazine Modules Lite with Elementor Page Editor?

Absolutely, WP Magazine Modules Lite is fully integrated with Elementor Page Editor. You can use this plugin with elementor to design your website with out any problem.

Do WP Magazine Modules has any typography option?

Yes, this plugin comes with a highly flexible and customizable typography option for each elements


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1.0.1 – September 27, 2020

* Plugin Upsells added in plugin admin page.
* Some design tweaks in slider and list block.


* Initial Release