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WP Quick FrontEnd Editor is a best front end editor that will allow you to change and save contents of post and pages by using WYSIWYG editor from frontend of your site without going to Dashboard for little change.Admin have control to give access of editor to author,contributors or editors. You can format your text as you want.
You can also add images from wordpress gallery by drag and drop and by using upload button.You can add,remove and change featured image.

Now you can also allow certain users to add posts from frontend.

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  • Edit content with visual responsive editor
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Add images to content from wordpress gallery
  • Listing option available
  • Generate html of content


  • responsive
  • save time
  • user friendly interface
  • save as many trips to the backend as possible
  • compatible with any theme
  • light and fast
  • AJAX based process

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Pro Features

  • Title Does not get removed
  • Embed Videos
  • Image Resize Option
  • Listing Options
  • Set Roles
  • Dynamic Table Generator
  • Multiple Fonts
  • Text Formating Options
  • Add,Change and Remove Featured Image
  • 24/7 Support


  • Post or Page view before editing.

  • Enable WP Quick Editor by clicking on highlited button

  • Title Edited with WP Quick FrontEnd Editor and Image is Inserted.

  • Content Formated in editor.


  1. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select \’add new\’
  2. Search for \’WP Front End Editor\’, install and activate it.
  3. Go to WordPress Dashboard and save setting from WP Quick Frontend Edior admin menu.
  4. Now view your posts and pages and enable plugin by clicking on enable button.Now edit your content and images
  5. Click save button when over with changes and your post or pages will be updated according to changes


2019년 September 8일
Actually it's quite impressive. It dont really need nothing like a special panel where you (person who want to edit the post), need to enter for edit it. Its simples, but i liked it. Negative points its that it have some bugs... Yes. You can't make text bold/italic/etc, because, if you select the text then click the button to make ir bold/italic, the text will be deselected. Its the same thing while trying to align images, the text will be deselect... I thikn that making it possible to publish posts, whould be a great idea.
2019년 May 9일
I've installed the plugin and activated it; i configure setting; so when i'm in the front for editing page, the button to enable editing doesn't appear; even there is no error on console. What wrong about pls.
2016년 September 3일
it killed all my menu links ... plus what was left from the original layout, was fully screwed
2016년 September 3일
It took all my image captions and moved them to the text area, had to use an old revision to save my post. also won't edit images, it goes to the "add image" page on both add and edit image
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  • Add post from frontend feature added


  • Bugs Removed


  • Unregistered floral editor removed


  • Admin Option page added.
  • Option to select Enable and disable Editor.
  • Custom option to allow who can edit who cannot.


  • Featured Image bug resolved.
  • New options for typography added.


  • Image resize option
  • Easy control for adding and removing image
  • Listing option in editor
  • Quick table generator option
  • Embeding video option
  • New theme for editor
  • Html preview option
  • Html heading option
  • Typography option


  • Custom control of enabling and disabling editing.
  • Add,remove and change feature image in this version.


  • Edit content of post,pages and custom posts.