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UPG – User Post Gallery

User Post Gallery (UPG) is the easy way to allow visitors/guest to post/edit images, article, YouTube, Vimeo videos without registration from the frontend. Submitted post can be shown inside BuddyPress, ultimate-member plugins in a user profile tab as a gallery.

Using layout editor, you can re-design completely using PHP & CSS.

That’s all there is to it! Your site now can accept user generated content. Everything is super easy to customize via Plugin Settings page.

The pages like submission form, gallery page are auto created as soon as plugin is activated.

Independent Gallery

There are 2 types of UPG Gallery.

  • Embed gallery : [upg-attach] shortcode can be used in any wordpress post/pages. The images/video submitted at this page will have own set of gallery specific to embed page.
  • Primary gallery : [upg-list] shortcode must be used in wordpress page. It will combine gallery of all the images/video posted on different post.

Embed Gallery

To embed gallery for WordPress post use shortcode [upg-attach] into the content area where ever required.
The image/video url posted on this post will not be visible on other post.
It is full of ajax, hence no page refresh is required during submission and page navigation.
Lazy Load more button is available and images can be previewed in lightbox.
Optimized pre loading of images

Primary Gallery

It is independent gallery. All the UPG post submitted on different post can be visible at [upg-list].
It also works as the main page of UPG gallery.
It has lots of shortcode parameters to filter & change layouts.

Submission Form [upg-post]

  • Registered & visitors can post images/article/youtube video url from the front end.
  • Ajax powered submission form. Form submitted on same place. No more form redirection.
  • Options of static page form submission. Best fit if javascript is not required.
  • Redirect to selected page after form is submitted. (upg-pro)
  • Ready layouts to be used for submission form.
  • Options to create own custom fields. Get extra information from user during form submission.
  • Google ReCaptcha code for spam protection. (upg-pro)
  • Bulk image upload. (upg-pro)
  • With the help of personal layout form, user can create own advanced personalized form with the help of PHP.
  • Options to display submission button only to logged in users.

Admin Post Management

  • Administrator can show or hide particular categories/albums from the frontend.
  • Controls over custom fields to be displayed at backend & frontend.
  • Options to set as approval of post/images before it is displayed at the frontend.
  • Ability to approve/draft post in bulk
  • Create unlimited albums and tags.
  • Assign guest submission post to specific existing users.
  • Ability to hide selected album/category from frontend & in widget category list.
  • Own media sizes for thumbnail and preview page.

User Post Management

  • Loggedin users can delete own uploaded post with ajax system.
  • ‘My Gallery’ page for loggedin users.
  • User can edit & delete own post.
  • Notification via email when someone submits form. (UPG-PRO)

Display submitted post

  • Responsive article/image/YouTube/Vimeo gallery for mobile & tablets.
  • Automatically & manually display all submitted content on the frontend.
  • Content & images can also be posted from the backend with additional options.
  • External plugins shortcodes can be added near UPG post.
  • Options for both lightbox and static page (Preview Page).
  • Set number of images to be displayed per page.
  • Multiple layout options available. You can create own layout from scratch using personal layout.
  • Navigate posts/images with album or tags using widgets.
  • Page navigation with the help of WP-PageNavi plugin.
  • Ability to show gallery based on username, category, albums, tags with the help of shortcodes
  • Display gallery in sliding or carousal layout with plenty of parameters.
  • Camera EXIF Data is auto extracted form image uploaded by user.

Ultimate-Member & BuddyPress Plugin

  • Integrated with Ultimate-Member & BuddyPress plugin
  • Gallery tab is created on profile page.
  • Gallery profile avatar will link to social profile page

YouTube & Vimeo URL submission

  • User can submit video url with title
  • Static thumbnail image is created automatically based on video
  • Video can be shown in popup or link to different page.
  • Video and Image gallery can be on same page.

ListPress Plugin

  • Popup contact/query/feedback button can be placed on preview page
  • Image of UPG post is included in form.

ODude Ecard Plugin

  • Submitted post can be sent as ecard.
  • Full featured greetings card site can be created with user submission.

Other features

  • Options to include posts into archive pages
  • Widgets to list categories & tags.
  • Widgets of submission form powered with ajax.
  • Multisite compatible
  • Bulk Image Upload with options to limit number of image to upload. (upg-pro)
  • Other plugin shortcode can be displayed near image in preview layout.
  • REST-API with UPG custom fields

Basic installation video


For further questions feel free to drop a line at
Go to our site to read full updated documentations and features at UPG FAQ.

Live Demo & Documents



  • German – Deutsche (de_DE)
  • Spanish – Española (es_ES)
  • Hindi – हिंदी (hi_IN)
  • Italian – Italiana (it_IT)
  • Swedish – svenska (sv_SE)


  • UPG Basic Layout
  • Drag & Drop Image (Bulk Layout)
  • UPG List Layout
  • UPG Photo Layout
  • [upg-attach] output
  • Submission Form based on settings
  • Layout Editor to design own layouts.
  • UPG admin settings
  • UPG admin dashboard
  • Lightbox/Popup to view image/video.


Steps to Install

Some pages are auto created. Do not delete them even if not required.

    1. User’s Post Gallery: Main UPG gallery page.
    1. Post Image: Submission page for images.
    1. Post Video URL: Submission page for youtube/vimeo url.
    1. Edit UPG Post: Let users to modify/update own UPG post.
    1. My Gallery: Registered user can see own submitted post.

Go to UPG Settings and select those pages at appropriate location.


  • Use shortcode [upg-attach type=”image”]or [upg-attach type=”youtube”] to create gallery on specific page/post
  • Use shortcode [upg-list] to display UPG post from all the places

Steps to Download

  • Go to your Plugins page inside your WordPress installation and search wp-upg by keyword. Then choose User Post Gallery and click install. It will be installed in a few seconds.
  • Activate the plugin from Plugins menu after installation
  • Submission form and gallery and other pages are auto created. Select those pages at UPG settings.


1. How to display gallery

Copy paste shortcode to post/page where you like to display gallery.
[upg-attach type=”image”] or [upg-attach type=”youtube”]

To display gallery based on album, tags, date, or more.. use shortcode

2. What type of images does WP-UPG support?

UPG supports the following types of image files: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, YouTube URL, Vimeo URL

3. Create submission form

Submission page are auto created when plugin activated.
Or manually create page & insert the shortcode
[upg-post type=image]
in the description area. Link this page at your upg settings.

4. Show images from specific album/category

Insert this shortcode in the textarea for a page and link that page to your menu.
[upg-list album=”slug_name_of_your_upg_album”]

Leave album blank to show all UPG posts.

5. What happen, if I update plugin

When plugins are updated, the plugin/wp-upg folder is deleted and new one is created.
But this will not delete any uploaded post/media.
If you are using ‘personal layout’. Your UPG post may be blank page for 1st time. After refresh it will reappear.
It copies files from upload folder to layout folder.
But we advice to take backup before update.

6 . How ‘personal layout’ is different from other layout

‘personal layout’ is a layout which is created by you. It is blank at the beginning.
Whenever you use UPG ‘layout editor’, it copies the code from other layout to personal layout with the changes you have done.
It creates the physical file placed at wp-content\uploads\ folder.
When plugin is updated, these files are copied at wp-content\plugins\wp-upg\layout\ folder.


Good yet a bit confusing

All in all, this plug in really does what no other plug in does and works fairly well. My problem is the layout of the back end is fairly confusing and disorganized, so it takes a lot of trial and error to work out the settings you are looking for. I think part of this is that it is a small developer and there is a bit of a language barrier. The developer is, however, very responsive and eager to make improvements. The recommendations I have are to: 1) reorganize the settings into more logical layouts and groupings; 2) have a quick and expert mode; and have more items set up as a preset upon initialization; and 3) standardize and clarify terms used for different features and aspects of the gallery (I have trouble figuring out what the instructions refer to exactly in many cases). This plug in has a lot of potential if the developer can clarify how to set it up and use it. Thanks for putting the effort into it!

Not well designed.

Not at all an intuitive plugin. The design is messy, and it is extremely complicated to get it to function in any way that a user of a site can understand. Not worth the time and effort to figure out.

Amazing plugin, thank you odude!!!

does everything i want it to and MORE! I run a user generated, content heavy website and this plugin is a dream! I love it, i even learned a lot because i dabbled into making my own forms and it's incredibly easy to learn, just read the documentation and have patience 🙂
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Contributors & Developers

“User Post Gallery – UPG” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Removed shop & FAQ layout from default. Both layout are available for download.
  • Basic & photo form layout now have better hierarchical category selection
  • After submission, VIEW button is removed. Added ‘My Gallery’ button.
  • EDIT page don’t get edited by visitors. Bug fixed.


  • noimg.png hidden from basic layout (preview page).
  • Added bulk layout form (UPG PRO)
  • Updated language file
  • Selection of login page in UPG extra settings
  • ‘My Gallery’ only accessible to loggedin user


  • Updated photo layout
  • Updated screenshots of layouts in settings


  • Fixed debug error for 1.81 at setting.php page
  • Sorry for trouble
  • Fixed VIEW POST 404 error from UPG dashboard
  • Updated settings page for easy view


  • Deleted tag


  • Options to enable/disable, colorbox, fontawesome css file from frontend