WP User Activity


WP User Activity is the best way to log activity in WordPress. Activity can be sorted, filtered, and viewed per-user, along with session data for logged in users and IP addresses & user-agents for others.

Activity is broken down into object “Types” and “Actions.” Types are the objects being acted upon, and actions are what is being done to them. If you’re familiar with BuddyPress, this should feel pretty comfortable.


Admin logged in 2 minutes ago.

Admin created the post "Hello World" 33 seconds ago.

Admin created the topic "I need help!" 5 days ago.

사용 가능한 작업

  • Attachments (Upload, Edit, Delete)
  • Comments (Create, Pending, Approve, Unaprove, Trash, Untrash, Spam, Unspam, Delete)
  • Core (Update, Auto-update)
  • Exports (Download)
  • Menus (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Plugins (Install, Update, Activate, Deactivate, Edit, Delete)
  • Posts (Create, Update, Delete, Trash, Untrash, Spam, Unspam, Future)
  • Settings (Update)
  • Terms (Create, Update, Delete)
  • Themes (Customize, Install, Update, Activate, Edit, Delete)
  • Users (Login, Login Failure, Logout, Register, Update, Delete)
  • Widgets (Update, Delete)

Also checkout


  • The log
  • Edit activity


  • Download and install using the built in WordPress plugin installer.
  • Activate in the “Plugins” area of your admin by clicking the “Activate” link.
  • No further setup or configuration is necessary.


Does this work with custom post types & taxonomies?

Yes. It will work perfectly with all post-types & taxonomies that define their own labels. Ones that don’t are mocked using the post type ID.

Can I create custom activity types & actions?

Yes. The autoloader can be filtered, so adding new object types is as simple as:

add_filter( 'wp_get_default_user_activity_types', function( $types = array() ) {
    $types[] = 'Your_New_Type'; // class that extends WP_User_Activity_Type
    return $types;
} );

The WP_User_Activity_Type_Taxonomy class is a good example to start with, if you’d like to create your own actions. It registers simple create/update/delete methods, with easy to understand messages & integrations.

Does this create new database tables?

No. It uses the WordPress custom post-type and metadata APIs.

Does this modify existing database tables?

No. All of the WordPress core database tables remain untouched.

Where can I get support?

  • Forums: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wp-user-activity/

Where can I find documentation?



2017년 April 25일
often than not i forget the activity that i did especially when working on a multisite. this helps a lot and also very very fast and uses wp's native UI and even language where in my boss can actually understand. so this one i think is a must use
2017년 April 5일
According to my Plugin Performance Profiler tests it's the fastest log plugin.
2016년 October 19일
Is a great plugin, logs everything in a separate post type Support third party plugins (Easy Digital Downloads, Woocommerce, etc) could be awesome Nice work Jhon!
2016년 September 3일
Very Nice! Only problem: only shows up when WP User Profiles is active. I cannot activate WP User Profiles because it does not display Woocommerce address information... Pitty!
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  • Fix user not being linked to “Logout” action


  • Add escaping to admin area row output
  • Return IDs in useful places for easier extending


  • Remove all actions from transition_post_status to avoid infinite loops


  • Official public release
  • Add support for “pending” comments
  • Improved mu-plugins location support


  • Support for User Profiles 0.2.0


  • Add missing action for ‘plugin delete’


  • Support for WP User Profiles 0.1.9


  • Fix conflict causing widgets not to save


  • Fix list-table issue causing fatal errors


  • Prevent user profile activity from leaking out


  • Update column names
  • Add support for WP User Profiles


  • Improve compatibility with other plugins


  • Add menu humility filter
  • Improve capability checks


  • Improve admin styling
  • Add metadata callbacks


  • Improve admin styling


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