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A cross browser compatible WordPress Plugin, VContact Button allows you to easily create chat via Viber in WordPress. With multiple color effects, color options and animation effects this plugin perfectly combines Viber application with the WordPress platform. Use Viber in WordPress with VContact Button.

Free Features:

  • Display Option
    -enable button option
    -enable Mobile option
    -enable Desktop option
    -enable button text option
  • 4 animated effects
  • 4 different botton position
  • Color customization
  • Shortcode generator
  • Cross browser support
  • Compatible in both mobile and desktop
  • Simple and User Friendly
  • Ease to use
  • Translation ready

Premium Features:

★ 10 attractive button templates.
★ 10 hover animation effects.
★ 8 different button position to display.
    Bottom Right
    Bottom Left
    Top Left
    Top Right
    Top Center
    Bottom Center
    Right Center
    Left Center  
★ Tooltip enable option.
★ Button with text option.
★ Button text position selection option.
    left of icon
    right of icon   
★ Sticky button option
★ Button with only text option
★ Tooltip text add option      
★ Color Customization option
    Customizable button color
    Customizable icon color
    Customizable text color
    Customizable icon-background color          
★ Page Post & Category selection options 
★ Menu add option
    5 different button templates available
    Icon only option
    Text add enable option in menu button
    can add suitable text to button
    Menu enable option
    Menu position option available to add
    List the menu available in theme        
★ Shortcode generator       
★ And many more....

Premium Upgrade

  • For premium upgrade, please go here

For complete information and documentation regarding plugin, please visit below links.





  1. Unzip
  2. Upload all the files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-viber-contact-button-lite
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. For customizing the plugin’s settings, click on VContact Button option menu in WordPress left admin menu.

Some Useful Links

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  • Youtube channel link:
  • Facebook link:


What does this plugin do?

This plugin connects to viber on click on viber button.

Is it device friendly ?

This plugin is compatible in both mobile and desktop.

Is it necessary to intall viber to use this plugin

Yes, Please install viber in your desktop and mobile to be communicate on viber with this plugin


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  • Checked compatibility with WordPress Version 6.0.


  • Checked compatibility with WordPress Version 5.9.


  • Checked compatibility with WordPress Version 5.8.


  • Checked compatibility with latest version of WordPress.
  • Refined code to fix button not opening viber issue.


  • Did necessary code refinement


  • WordPress Latest version compatibility checked
  • Refined code to fix shortcode generator issue


  • Tested compatibility with WordPress version 5.3.2


  • General bug fixes and refinement in the script


  • Refinement in plugin to avoid trademark infringement


  • General bug fixes and refinement in the code


  • Refinement in the JS script
  • Refinement in the CSS script
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress version 5.0


  • Addition of promotional description in the backend of the plugin


  • Tested the compatibility with WordPress version 4.9.7
  • Resolved an issue regarding custom CSS


  • Revised the code for translation ready


  • Fixed Bugs
  • Some Refinement works on the code
  • Some Refinement work on JS script


  • Fixed few bugs


  • Text Position right/left configuration option in viber button.
  • Plugin committed to plugin repository


  • Plugin submitted to for review and approval
  • Plugin committed to plugin repository