Show Post ID with Sorting


Show Post ID with Sorting is a user-friendly plugin that amplifies the WordPress Dashboard. It introduces a new column to display the Post ID for Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types. Users can easily sort by Post ID, quickly bulk copy Post IDs, and view the Post ID when editing or on the frontend.

* Introduces a new column for Post ID in the Dashboard for Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types.
* Provides sorting capability by Post ID.
* Offers a convenient Bulk ‘Copy Post ID’ functionality.
* Displays the Post ID next to the Edit Page title in the dashboard.
* Shows the Post ID in the WordPress admin bar when viewing content on the frontend.


  • What this plugin does?
  • Post ID visible on front-end Admin Bar
  • Bulk Copy Post ID's by selecting the post and then performing the bulk Copy action.
  • Post ID visible on Edit Post / Page.


  1. Upload the show-post-id folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Why would I need to see the Post ID?

The Post ID is a unique identifier for every piece of content on your WordPress site. It’s essential for embedding content using shortcodes, crafting custom queries, and troubleshooting.

Can I sort the posts, pages, or custom post types by ID?

Absolutely! The ‘Post ID’ column is sortable. Click on the column header to arrange your content based on their ID.

Does this plugin work with custom post types?

Yes, this plugin supports default WordPress posts, pages, and also custom post types.

I have a custom theme or plugin that doesn’t show the ID. What can I do?

This plugin is compatible with most themes and plugins. If there’s an issue, contact the respective developer for compatibility with standard WordPress hooks and filters.

Where can this plugin come in handy?

Many plugins, such as “WP Show Posts”, often require Post IDs. Our plugin simplifies the process of finding, viewing, and copying these Post IDs.


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  • Introduced functionality to copy multiple Post IDs from the Posts/Pages list.
  • Added display of the Post ID next to the Edit Page title.
  • Incorporated the Post ID in the WordPress admin bar on the frontend.
  • Implemented general code improvements.


  • Added support for custom post types.
  • Resolved issue with Post ID displaying twice for custom post types.


  • Initial release. Displays Post ID in Posts and Pages List and provides sorting.