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2021년 6월 22일
Saved my day when I needed to find out where on many, many pages a custom module is used. Maybe old, but still does its job! Thanks!!
2021년 2월 21일
Works great, after installing Beaver Lister I ran down my list of pages and quickly identified which pages were using which modules. Only 1 page had a module from a 3rd party, so I deactivated the other modules. Thanks for the great plugin! Ed
2019년 2월 16일
Very nice contribution to Beaver Builder's usage, it helps sorting the modules and especially when they're mixed from different vendors. And about this, i noticed that PowerPack modules are clearly identified like "Content Modules - PowerPack" but not BB or UABB's modules for which only the category shows up like "Basic", "Content Modules" (no vendor name)… Maybe it could be something to fix on the plugin's side, but maybe it's related to the modules themselves that lack identification.
2018년 2월 12일
There are many times when I've installed both PowerPack and Ultimate Add-ons, but then only use the modules from one or the other. This plugin helps me figure out if I can delete one of those plugins, and speed up my site.
2018년 1월 7일
I love this plugin. I use it on every dev install, and it comes in very handy when I want to disable unused addon modules in the backend.
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