WPCasa Ninja Forms


This bridge add-on does support the Ninja Forms below 3.0!

The WPCasa Ninja Forms add-on is a bridge plugin for the Ninja Forms form builder (version 3.0 and above) that can be used to display a contact form on single listing pages in WPCasa. The add-on makes sure that useful property information is attaced to the emails sent through the form. It also comes with a starter form that includes all the necessary fields to make your life easier.

This bridge add-on does NOT support anymore the new Ninja Forms version below 3.0

Starting with WPCasa Ninja Forms 2.0 we have dropped the support for Ninja Forms version below 3.0.

Please notice that this plugin is an add-on for WPCasa and will NOT work without the core plugin.

WPCasa is a WordPress solution that provides an intuitive way to manage property listings and create first-class real estate websites.


  • Ninja Forms form on listing page
  • Email message with property details
  • Add-on tab on WPCasa settings page
  • Ninja Forms form editor


Automatic Installation

Automatic installation is the easiest way to install WPCasa Ninja Forms. Log into your WordPress admin and go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New.

Then type “WPCasa Ninja Forms” in the search field and click Install Now once you’ve found the plugin.

Manual Installation

If you prefer to install the plugin manually, you need to download it to your local computer and upload the unzipped plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation. Then activate the plugin on WP-Admin > Plugins.


Will this plugin work without WPCasa or Ninja Forms?

No, this is an add-on plugin for the WPCasa real estate framework in combination with the Ninja Forms form builder and will not work without the corresponding core plugins.

Does this plugin support Ninja Forms below 3.0?

Starting with version 2.0 of WPCasa Ninja Forms we have dropped the support for version below 3.0. In order to run WPCasa Ninja Forms make sure you have installed and activated at least Ninja Forms version 3.0.


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  • fixed guideline violations
  • dropped support for Ninja Forms below 3.0


  • Do not initiate plugin when Ninja Forms version is bigger than 2.9


  • Fix error when Ninja Forms core plugin is not active


  • 초기 릴리즈