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“Problem”: WordPress only allows Administrators and Editors to moderate comments.

“Solution”: “99 Robots Comment Moderator” by adds a new user “role” named “Comment Moderator” that can also manage comments. Simply install this plugin, activate it, and assign any user the “Comment Moderator” role. That user will now be able to moderate comments (all comments or only his).

No other permissions of the user will change so rest assured this plugin will not interfere with anything else on your site.

Please visit 99 Robots for more information or visit the direct link to the Comment Moderator plugin.

Also please check out our other plugins 🙂


  • User Role
  • Logged in User


  1. Upload wpsite-comment-moderator to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to Users section and assign an user the new role “Comment Moderator”


2017년 June 6일
This plug-in has excellent potential. However ... when I tested it, it also gives people with 'Comment Moderator' permission the ability to edit existing posts and pages (they cannot post new article or pages, however). This means that I can't use it as I do not want to give other people that level of power to change my site.
2017년 February 3일
Fantastic plugin but it miss the possibility to notify the moderator about new comments, otherwise it deserve 5 star full...
2016년 September 3일
Great plugin. Exactly what I needed. I tried the "Moderator Role" plugin and it failed to do what it needed to. This is a newer plugin, has been updated more recently than the other mentioned plugin, does exactly what it says it will do, and will hopefully get more traction in the short-run and gain enhancements and improvements. Two Suggestions to get to 5-Stars: 1) implement a capability to email-notify the user that is set as the Comment Moderator so I (the Super Admin) do not have to 2) offer an option to hide the dashboard, or at least the link to My Sites. I just want the Comment Moderator to approve and delete comments and change his password -- nothing else. Thanks.
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* Compatible with WordPress 5.4.1


  • Compatible with WordPress 5.2.3


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.8


* UPDATED: Banner


  • UPDATED: Readme file description


  • Re-branded plugin to 99 Robots


  • Added support for moderating page comments


  • Minor Updates


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.1


  • Support for WordPress version 4.0


  • Initial release