WPT Demo Importer


WPT Demo Importer is ONLY USED FOR WPTrees related Themes.
This Plugin Helps you import Demos with one click.

*notice: this plugin is a modified version of ‘One Click Demo Import’ plugin.


  • Demo importer location.


  1. Log into your WordPress installation.
  2. Go to the menu item Plugins and then to Install.
  3. Search for WPT Demo Importer. In case several plugins are listed, check if WPTrees is the plugin author.
  4. Click Install Now and wait until WordPress reports the successful installation.
  5. Activate the plugin. You can find the settings here: Appearance => Import Demo Data .


이 플러그인에 대한 평가가 없습니다.

기여자 & 개발자

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  • PrimaApp theme compatible.


  • Initial release