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The #1 WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin

Simple video popup plugin for elementor. You can make video lightbox popup in elementor. YouTube, Vimeo videos are supported. Here we used magnific popup js. In future page load popup will be available. You can make light video easily though this plugin.


The Features

Magnific video popup, new design, responsive lightbox, popup video with fade effect, and many features:

  1. YouTube, Vimeo video support.
  2. Unlimited popup’s.
  3. Responsive style.
  4. Retina ready.
  5. Trigger type image, text, icon is possible
  6. Easy shortcode and understandable parameters
  7. Easy to Use.
  8. Customizing the width and height size for YouTube and Vimeo video.

Live Demo

Contact Us for More Works


  • Video Popup Elementor Shortcode. WPTD video popup main settings page. Here we explained how to add video popup shortcode from elementor shortcodes.
  • Video Popup Normal Shortcode. This is normal video popup shortcode. We explained here about shortcode parameters.
  • Elementor Shortcode Search. This is preview for wptd video popup shortcode seach on elementor
  • Elementor Shortcode Options. This is preview for video popup elementor shortcode options.
  • Normal Shortcode With Parameters. This is preview for video popup normal shortcode and parameters.
  • Popup Triggers. This preview shows out put variations of video popup
  • Black Transparent Bg. This is preview for example black transparent background video bg.
  • Rad Transparent Bg. This is preview for example red transparent background video bg.
  • Blue Video Bg. This is preview for example blue background video bg.



  1. Upload ‘wptd-video-popup’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Now read How of Use


Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! It will work with any theme where Elementor works.

Can I extend the plugin or options?

Absolutely! Feel free contact us. We can upgrade or create plugins.


2022년 10월 5일 1 reply
Has got all the features i was looking for with great support via e-mail.
2021년 10월 4일
I evaluated some lightboxes in combination with the pagebuilder elementor. I have decided on this and I am curious whether my customer is satisfied with it. Thank you for this plugin!
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  • Fixed $cur_class issue


  • Added allowfullscreen property for video iframe


  • Updated elementor _register_controls deprecation issue


  • Updated js code for mobile popup issue


  • Updated js code for dynamic loaded content


  • Removedsome unwanted files and reduced styles.


  • Video Popup elementor shortcode added.
  • Video frame style updated
  • POT(translation strings) file updated.


  • Intial release.