WR Price List Manager For Woocommerce


WR Price List manager was created to make the difficult easy, among its main features are the creation of massive discounts by roles without the need to edit the products one by one. WRPL creates percentage-based discounts in seconds.

  1. Create Price Lists
    Create a price list and assign it to any role. With this feature you can have multiple prices to the same product depending the user role.

  2. Quick Price Update or One-by-One
    Instead of going to update a product one by one, you can edit its price in the same screen

  3. Dynamic Sales Price List(Premium)
    Create a Sales Price List(s) based on existing Price List(s). Changes to the primary price list will affect child price list. Configure child list to be a discount price list or raise cost based on a percentage of the parent list.

  4. Create New User Roles
    Create as many user roles as needed with ease.

  5. Hide prices and add-to-cart button
    You can hide the prices and the add to the cart button for unregistered users. You can also define a custom message that will show where the price used to be, you also can put a html meesage.

  6. Create Item Price Lists from CSV(Premium)
    Upload an CSV file to create price list on WooCommerce.

  7. Export Price List to CSV(Premium)
    Export your prices, edit and upload them again.

  8. Change Price Format
    Choose the price format among 4 available options.


  • Quick Price Update (Ajax)
  • Price updated
  • Price By User Role
  • Create Price List and user roles.
  • Import price or update price, import a csv file with the product is and prices. Also you can create a price list from csv file.
  • Hide price an add to cart button, Choose a default price list for unregistered users / guest.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wr_price_list directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Does this plugin work with newest WP version and also older versions?

Yes, this plugin works really fine with WordPress 3.3!
It also works great with WP 4.0 , So you always should run the latest WordPress version for a lot of reasons.1. Upload the entire wr_price_list folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
4. Go to WR PRICE LIST item menu on the left panel and start creating and playing with your product price 🙂


Does this plugin work with newest WP version and also older versions?

Yes, this plugin works really fine with WordPress 4 and above

Does this plugin have a premium version?

Yes, the plugin has premium and free features.

Does the plugin have documentation?

Yes, you can find the documentation here https://www.webreadynow.com/docs-category/wr-price-list-manager/


2020년 2월 9일
Just perfect plugin to set up the price for different price list. And super fast respond to every questions. Thank a lot and lots of luck to the future.
2019년 12월 29일
This plugin has awesome features, I use it in my website and so far is working amazing. My favorite feature is change the price so quick, but I have something to say. It would be great if it include some inventory features.
2019년 10월 29일
It has helped me to develop my site without having to worry about price management ... it has very good features to be a free plugin. I totally recommend it.
2019년 10월 26일 2 replies
My site both front and backend, is completely different. It messes up the stylesheet.
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  • Initial release


  • Choose the price format (Individual Price)


  • Create discount with two decimal places like 0.708 = 70.8%
    Note: All my plugins are localized/ translatable by default. This is very important for all users worldwide. So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful. For translating I recommend the awesome “Codestyling Localization” plugin and for validating the “Poedit Editor”.


  • New Admin UI based on vue
  • Mysql query improvement
  • Price List based on category removed.


  • Parent list are editable now.
  • The product table was optimized to support thousands of products without issue.
  • Type and Percent column were removed from the price list view
  • Edit Action was removed from the price list view


  • Price List cab be exported to csv file
  • Grouped and External Product support added
  • Spanish 80% Admin ui translated