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WEN Business

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Version: 1.5.3

최종 업데이트: 11월 16, 2017

활성 설치: 7,000+

테마 홈페이지

WEN Themes proudly presents WEN Business : a spacious , generous , Corporate theme that offers convenience to anyone setting up the theme. Simplicity and roomy sections, all well-knit to deliver an exceptionally personal, professional or private showcase. Powering the build, is the in-house responsive framework that offers features that suffice a lot of needs and that is convenient to operate upon as well. This time its a one-layout header, clean menu, slider, focused content, pretty effects, portfolio showcasing, testimonials, neat footer all following fully responsive patterns. The code / setup is easy to customize and extend by various hooks offered in the build - those that help any technical person add further extensions on the base of an awesome build. This is a theme that works toward simplicity in setup, ease in use.

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