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Xmas Lite

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Version: 0.9.0

최종 업데이트: 12월 23, 2017

활성 설치: 200+

테마 홈페이지

Xmas Lite is clean, modern, feature-rich, multiple use purpose, and easy-to-use WordPress theme especially designed for holiday season. Built with Bootstrap3 framework, Xmas Lite is Engineered for the pros and Crafted for the up-and-comers.Xmas Lite brings beauty and unique designs combined with performance and fast loading. This multitude of options allow you to create a unique looking homepage in a couple of minutes. The theme integrates clean coding, great design and fast page loading speed. It uses the best clean SEO practices and is a social friendly theme.The overall designed is plain and practical, focusing the reader’s attention on what is truly important: the content. Blog followers will be able to enjoy an online experience that is second to none.


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