Google Maps CP

Google Maps CP allows to associate geolocation information to your posts and to integrate your…

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Maps – Google Maps

Robo Maps – it's easy and powerful Google maps plugin with maps markers. Google Maps…

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Just Highlight

Just highlight – Select the text you would like to highlight, click the highlight button…

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Multiple Location Google Map

Multiple Location Google Map is a user friendly plugin that doesn't require any coding skills…

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Add Multiple Marker

Add Multiple Marker gives you feature to add multiple map locations on same map and…

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Place locations into div using Google Maps V3

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Dev Corner Badge

Places a highly visible marker in the upper corner of every post/page to denote a…

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WP Makerboard

Provides a "Marker board" widget for visitors to play with.

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Pinpoint Free

Decorate photos with color markers (pins). Every pin is a link too!

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Ez and simple Google Map

Thank you for choosing Ez and simple Google Map * Please remember to give this…

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Brikshya Map

Using this plugin user can add google map with multiple custom markers , Polylines, GeoJSON…

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