WP Optimizer

Allows you to remove unused media, optimize images, repair and backup your database, drop/empty tables…

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Dependency Minification

Automatically concatenates and minifies any scripts and stylesheets enqueued using the standard dependency system.

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Powered Minifier

Reduce your page load by minifying your HTML source along with all the CSS and…

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APH Merge Scripts

Merge and minify CSS & javascript files into one file. Easy to use. Support remote…

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Every admin wants to have their website loaded as fast as possible.CleanerPress tries to give…

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Hostry PageSpeed Booster

Speed your website up and improve SEO ranking as well as WPO rates by using…

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CSS Crush for WordPress

CSS allows you to do lots of things, but some features are missing to developers.…

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Simple and light wordpress custom css editor.

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WP Fast Minify

Compress HTML Code, And Converting Inline Script and Style To JavaScript and CSS Compressed File.

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Lightweight HTML Minify

Lightweight HTML Minify plugin provide feature to install and minify HTML, Means you don't have…

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WP Roids

Best caching, minification and compression for WordPress. Tested FASTER than: WP Super Cache, W3 Total…

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WP Booster

WP-Booster – Optimize your website to load very fast & efficiently by combining & minify…

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Make your wordpress instalation fly. Once enabled, this plugin will combine, compress and optimize JS,…

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My WP Fast

Make your WordPress website super fast by minimizing and merging your JS and CSS files.…

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Cache Ultra

Optimize page load times with full page caching. Improves Google PageSpeed Insights by an average…

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