DivUp Content

Wrap divs around classic editor content using divup shortcodes. Also works for Gutenberg, but you…

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Paged Comments

Paged Comments enables comment paging. Useful for those popular blog entries receiving many comments, or…

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WC Backorder Split

A simple plugin that helps you split the WooCommerce order for the products that you…

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bbPress Email Notifications

Provide notification emails and controls for bbPress subscriptions, merge, and split functions.

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WC Order Split

A user friendly plugin to split WooCommerce orders.

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Easy Multiple Pages

This plugins adds an button in the post editor that allows you to easily split…

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Generate bank billet and credit or debit card transactions at transparency Checkout of your Woocommerce…

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bbPress Topic Sections

bbPress Topic Sections allows to split the topic content field into several sections.

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Disqus Count JS Fix

This plugin fixes the 'split' error caused by Disqus Plugin. This Plugin was developed by…

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Split Backorder for Woocommerce

"Split Backorders plugin automatically creates a separate order with status “Backorders” for the products that…

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Splitter Orders For Woocommerce

"Splitter Orders For Woocommerce" plugin, splits an order into separate orders based on the different…

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